Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Family Bonding

Wow, it's been a while since I last blogged.  My excuse?  I became a busy career woman who got so tired after work and I had to reserve the rest of my energy for a short family time before going to sleep.  If ever I got to do some internet surfing, I just look around and check my FB.  The internet at home was also down during the long Halloween weekend, that's why my husband and I entertained ourselves by making this Halloween season a memorable and joyful one for our daughter, Rian.

And since our daughter is taking a week's vacation now at her grandparents' home in Laguna (and the internet's back!), I guess I owe my blogger friends a story posted on this blog site. *wink*

October 29, 2010
Halloween at Office!  There was a Halloween office decoration contest, costume contest, kiddie program and of course, Trick or Treat.  I didn't get to visit all the decorated offices but the ones I saw were great.  The theme of the HR department office (where I belong) was Harry Potter.  They even had one of our Korean student OJT's as Harry Potter.  the rest of us wore something white with black blazer or jacket, and necktie (so that we would look more like Hogwarts students.  We planned on renting toga's but it was too expensive).

After office pictorial at our Harry Potter inspired decorated theme

October 30, 2010
2nd shot of Cervical Cancer Vaccine.  And I had it at my right arm this time.  It still hurts.  Anyway,  this was also the day when I first saw my ex's girlfriend (the one that he flirted with when we were still together).  She was my husband's officemate and we saw her when we arrived at his office building that day during my vaccine schedule at their office clinic.  I don't know if she knew me.  We didn't warmly greet each other, probably because my husband didn't get to introduce me formally (our daughter was with us and all the attention of his officemates were at her.  Well, I didn't mind at all, anyway).  But we got to talk casually, just a sentence or two.  And when she finally left, my husband and I smiled knowingly at each other and I said, Ah, yun pala ang gf ni Nhald.  She's nice and I felt no hatred towards her because we were both victims back then.  And anyway, I should thank her for snatching my ex.  Because of it, I got the chance to fall inlove with someone BETTER like Jeff, who is now my husband. Harhar!

Nuvali Tripping.  My family also went to Nuvali to just look around.  We didn't want to go home straight to Alabang because we knew there was a heavy traffic at expressway going to Manila.  While at Nuvali, we also got the chance for a tripping to see the model houses of the subdivisions.  Among the houses we saw, my husband and I would have wanted the one at the Nuvali Estates with 3 bedrooms + 1 maid's room, 2 restrooms, and a big kitchen.  But for now it's all in our dreams because it was worth almost 5M!  Well, we still have to sell our house and lot first at Batangas....

At Nuvali park

October 31, 2010
Trick or Treat!  It was not our daughter's first Halloween but it's her first Trick or Treat experience.  We went to SM Southmall to attend the Trick or Treat there.  I dressed up Rian as a doll (she was wearing a cute all white gown with small black dots on the skirt, with matching white stockings).  I wanted to put red spots on her cheeks using my lipstick but my husband won't approve.  But well, she still look like a doll on her costume.  She was very happy to see lots of other kids there.  She also gave an exciting scream of delight when she saw monster decorations (she wasn't afraid of them!).  We even rode the kiddie ferris wheel and she was all excited!  And the best thing she enjoyed there was watching the show of a tall man clown!

In the afternoon, I bathed her for the second time (because she was already smudged with chocolates and candies which she ate at the mall) and I super brushed her teeth.  Then I dressed her as a fairy princess, which she would ramp around the subdivision for another Trick or Treat.  She got her pumpkin bag full of goodies plus an extra bucket of candies!  In just a few minutes, quota na ang baby ko! Harhar!

A neighbor on her Jasmin costume and my little tot in her fairy costume

November 1, 2010
At Laguna.  The night of october 31, we packed my daughter's things and went to Laguna where we stayed for the holiday, and where our daughter will stay for a short vacation.  I hope she will not cry too hard when she miss us because my heart aches whenever I remember leaving her.  But well, she has to learn to be strong, away from mommy's arms for a moment in time.  She has to learn to trust time that mommy and daddy will come back for her.  I'm sure she will enjoy being with my parents, and I'm confident that while she's there, she will learn a lot while I'm away. :)

At Alabang.  So my husband and I returned to my in-laws home at Alabang where we currently stay.  Rian's taking a vacation and the internet's back, and now I'm back blogging.  I missed all my blogger friends! :)

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