Monday, August 30, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Yummy Cake-y Yellows


I missed Mellow Yellow Monday last week because I was busy at work.  Anyway, bawi nalang ako ngayong Monday by placing my daughter's Christening cake and first birthday cake. :)

My husband and I personally preferred the Angel theme of Max Restaurant for the Christening Celebration of our daughter, Rian.  The theme included the cute cake, as shown above.  We celebrated this last December 2009, around my baby's 5th month. P.S.  The blanket on the baby's head was edible!

My daughter loves Spongebob Squarepants.  That's why we ordered a Spongebob cake at Goldilocks for our baby's first Birthday Party last month.  P.S.  The jellyfishes were edible! :D

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday meme blogging! :)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My FB Post Story: On Miss U QnA

" Anong Ms. Universe question kay Ms. Philippines and ano sagot nya?  Can't access net @ office e.."  (August 24 at 11:32am via Mobile Web)

Pipo: Ano daw biggest mistake nya na nagawa at pano nya tinama yun. (August 24 at 11:41am )

Pipo: Ang sagot nya, wala pa daw syang "major, major" na ginawa dahil supportive ang family nya at suportive sa kanya. (August 24 at 11:42am )

Roy: wag mo nang alamin vane..baka mahiya ka lang sa sagot nya..sayang. (August 24 at 11:43am)

Katrina: Something about major mistakes in your Life and how or what did you do to make it right.
Her answer is somewhat... For the past 22 years of her life, she never had any major mistakes bec of her family's love. And she's thankful for making it sa Ms. Universe. (August 24 at 11:44am)
Vaneni: Wow,kung job interview pala un, bagsak na cya. Hehe.ü anyway congrats nalang din sa kanya, nkpasok cya sa top5 dahil sa beauty nya. Hehe.ü (August 24 at 11:49am)
Jin: hey vaneni! disappointing noh? over over over over confident that venus raj!!! (August 24 at 12:19pm)
Vaneni: Hehe..major major tama ka jan ms jin!ü (August 24 at 12:25pm)
Chelle: I dont think it's fair for us to judge her like that. Self-assessment yun e, kung tingin nya wala e d wala.
Tsaka 4th naman sya. Baket ba ang hirap i-please ng mga Fililpino. Kung kayo kaya. Naranasan niyo na bang sumali sa ms. universe par...a masabing kung kayo yun e magiging bongga ang sagot niyo? (August 24 at 1:13pm)

Alen: @van: now meron na siyang major mistake.. if ever she will be asked again.. hehheheheh.. (August 24 at 1:40pm)

Vaneni: For me kc, she's in a contest kaya hindi pwede ang pwede na. Must strive for excellence. And she's in the position to be judged talaga. (August 24 at 1:59pm)

Chelle: SAbagy judging portion nga e hahaa. Pero kase yung ibang tao mega react na kala naman nila pag sila yung andun sila magshine (August 24 at 2:02pm)

Vaneni: Hehe, ganun tlaga ang buhay. Yaan mu na, bukas ibang isyu na ulit ang pag-uusapan..parang ung hostage news lang yan. (August 24 at 2:09pm)

Jacq: hi vaneni! question goes lyk dis. wat was d biggest mistake uve ever done nd wat did you do to rise above it. her answer was 'thank you for dat question..gud evening las proud dat in my 22 year of existence ive never done a MAHOR MAJOR mistake...blah blah..'. an answer worth of d 4th place. :( (August 24 at 2:35pm)

Jacq:  i meant worthy of d 4th place. (August 24 at 2:37pm)

Vaneni: buti nalang ang Q and A ginagawa during the Top 5 na. (August 24 at 10:01pm)


That ends my FB status message chit-chat with my FB friends.  I'm glad that there's FB on mobile, coz I'm getting connected more with other people, and it makes me more updated with the world outside my boxes. Teheee! :D

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mommy Moments: My Baby's First Gadgets

mommy moments

When my daughter Rian turned 1 last month, she got a lot of toy gifts, and one of them was a toy laptop, given by my husband's officemates.  I wanted to thank them because I had always wanted Rian to own a toy laptop because she was always messing up with her daddy's laptop, especially when her daddy (or I) starts to type on it.  Having one of her own would somehow keep her away from her daddy's computer. Hehe.

Since my daughter just turned 1 year old, she was not yet interested with ABC's but she entertains herself with sounds and music in her toy laptop.  She loves to dance with the music!  Here's her photo with the toy laptop:

She has other toy gadgets and her favorite among them is the toy telephone which she always practices calling on it.  She knows how to put the receiver on her ears and say "Hello, hello?" (actually what she says was "kutsikuuu" which I think means "hello, hello?").  She also does the same with our cellphones.  I don't have a picture of her with the phone yet, but I will upload it sometime.

Happy Mommy Moments meme blogging!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

CC entry: When Simple Sorry is Not Enough

Rodliz’s Nest

I was late in submitting this CC entry, because I wasn't in the mood to write about "saying sorry"  these past few days because my husband and I just got into an argument...and I didn't feel saying sorry at him (and I guess, never did he).  Despite of it, I still promised Liz to write an entry because I wanted to share with you my observation on how my husband and I say sorry to one another...and when simple sorry is not enough.

When my husband and I were still sweethearts few years ago, we just got into 1 heated argument.  We had differences but we tried to understand them.  He did something that made me really really angry (and he got mad at me too because for him, it was not something to fuss about).  But at the end of the day, we kissed and made up.  I don't remember if we said sorry to one another, but what's important is that we compromised.

Now that we're married, we argue more.  There were times he said "sorry" at me but my heart was still broken.  Between us, he's the one who forgives and forgets quickly.  So when I say "sorry" at him, he accepts it fast (but then, I don't usually say "sorry" especially if I'm pissed off and hurt).  During the last argument we had just a few days ago, no one said "sorry" to each other until now.  But we're in good terms already.  I guess, what works for our relationship is that even though "sorry" is a hard word for us, as long as we would have a quiet time or space to cool down our heads (yung tipong saglit hanggang isang araw kayong hindi mag-uusap), then after that, para na kaming mga bata na parang walang nangyari pagkatapos mag-away. Sometimes we treat each other and even make lambing just to show that we're already cooled down. Then we compromise.

P.S.  Saying sorry through actions or by cooling down our heads just works for my husband, not for other people.  I would still want other people who would hurt me or who had hurt me in whatever way that they are sorry.  When others say sorry at me, I can forgive quickly.  That's what works for my other relationships with people (friendship, relative, officemate, etc.).

To Jeff, sorry if I made you mad at times because of my selfishness and immaturity and kaartehan and pagiging reklamador.  I love you for being very patient at me.  Maybe we're just both stressed and tired from work, we often forget to communicate and understand.  Anyway, I won't promise I would change (because that's very hard to do in just a snap), but I'm always trying to be the best wife that you wanted.  I love you very much hunny! Mwah!

Read other CC entries on this at Couples Corner!  Happy CC meme blogging!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Faves #3: Favorite music / song

Tomorrow is another fun-filled Friday Faves time!  That's why I'm starting it on a Thursday night, to prepare for tomorrow.  Our hot topic for this Friday is all about YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC / SONG.  You can type the song's lyrics on your blog and better yet, you can upload its MTV!  Everyone will get the chance to know the songs and even watch the video (that would be sooo cool!).  Happy Friday Faves Music Trip everyone! :)


I like lots of music from different genres, and my favorites depends on my moods.  For example, if I'm angry, I'd like to listen to Linkin Park music.  If I wanted to cool down and relax, I'd listen to Brownman Revival music (reggae!).  If I feel energetic, dance music is the one for me, such as music of Lady Gaga and Pussycat Dolls.  But the music I like to share with you is the one that I want to hear when I feel sexy and inlove...and it's the kind of music I like to dance infront of my hubby! (haha!).  Well, it's both our favorite music.  Maroon 5 music.  I'm sharing to you one of Maroon 5 songs that I like best, guess what it is!

"Change the weather still together when it ends...."
 (Sunday Morning, Maroon 5)

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My FB Post Story: On the hostage drama

Just last night and this morning, everybody was into the hostage drama which took place at Quirino Grandstand yesterday (August 23).  My Facebook was swarmed with news feeds about the hostage drama, exteding condenlences to the hostage victims and sharing disappointments and worries about the image of the Philippines, as well as our hukbong kapulisan.  Since I learned in the morning news on TV that this Rolando Mendoza was dismissed from his position as police officer long time ago and received no retirement benefits because of certain criminal cases wherein he was accused of being involved, I thought of posting this message on my FB:

" Wala na ring retirement benefits ang hostage-taker after life!" (11 hours ago, on mobile)

True.  There's no benefit he can receive in hell.

I believe in the goodness of people.  But this certain criminal, with his past excellent credentials which don't matter anymore, and whose pledge he made before he became a police officer was to protect lives (which obviously he didn't value now), showed his evil side by killing innocent people, taking out his stress and anger towards them.  What he did was an example of cowardice.  He is a coward.  I could have pitied him for traveling the wrong path in life, but honestly, what I felt was hatred towards him.  I hate him not just for destrying the country's image but also for destroying the lives of families he victimized, including their joys and dreams.

My family and I pray for the souls of the victims, as well as for the strength for all the families they left behind.  May their souls rest in peace, and may their living families have strength to move on with their lives with hopes and blessings from God.  Justice will prevail, in earth and in heaven.
To know more of the story about the hostage-taking drama, click here or visit

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Observing my baby's developments

My 1 year old daughter, Rian, is currently having a 2-week vacation at my parent's house in Laguna.  We had to leave her there for a while  because I was so busy with my work assignments.  Last weekend, we visited her and found out that she's already standing alone in a longer period of time, with matching clapping of hands.  It was a happy milestone.  Aside from that, I observed that she had developed intellectually and emotionally.  When she tried to crawl away from the kutson or bed (which was placed on the floor so that Rian could play around on it), I shielded her with my legs.  She gave a loud impatient yell but she didn't wail.  Instead, she turned around and played with me.  When she sensed that I was already distracted, she would again try to crawl out of the bed.  Then I would put my feet and legs across her again so that she could not go through.  When the time I slightly lifted my legs (because she distracted me again with her games), she crawled fast under it, making way to get out of the bed.  She succeeded!  I was so facinated with the incident because it showed how smart she was!  She didn't even cry hard...instead, gumawa siya ng paraan.

My husband and I took her out for the Sunday Mass at St. Therese of Child Jesus at UP Los Banos.  Before the mass started, we went to the Carabao Park and let Rian walk around (with my support by holding her hands).  When she saw other people looking at her, she deliberately walked away, knowing they were strangers.  During the mass at the chapel, she and her 6 year old cousin (Ate Alyssa) played following-the-leader, wherein wherever Alyssa went, she followed her.  There was a time when Rian was distracted with another toddler who could already walk alone,  but when Alyssa called out her name, she instantly turned around and followed her again.  She was an obedient baby and she knew who she should go with!  All of us (including Alyssa's parents) were so delighted! Rian also knew how to kulbit her Daddy just to give her a snack (she loved Iced Gems...remember those little round cookies with icing on top?).

Yesterday, I called my Mother to know how was my daughter doing.  She excitedly told me that Rian finally made her first few steps (exactly 3 steps, that is).  I was so happy that Rian finally reached her first step milestone.  But I was also quite sad because I wasn't there to witness it.  Well, that's the downside of being a career never get to see most of your child's firsts.  Anyway, every first step has its next one...and lots of another one.  So the next time I see her (which will be this's time to go home with  mommy and daddy, Rian!), I promise to capture her independent steps...and hoping to share that with you in this blogsite.

My loves @ Carabao Park,
University the Philippines Los Banos

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Faves #2: Favorite video / computer / online game

Hello blogger friends! Welcome to the Friday Faves!  I am posting this earlier because I still have work on Fridays so this Thursday night will be the great time to start this so that you could all work on it tomorrow.  For this Friday, the topic for this meme is all about your FAVORITE VIDEO / COMPUTER / ONLINE GAME/s.  It could be as simple as Solitaire or Hearts, or as complicated as Grand Fantasia or Ragnarok, or even a game application on Facebook will do.  You can even post a snapshot of your favorite game.  Just don't forget to post the Friday Fave badge along with your article and enter your post on the linky tool below.  Happy meme blogging! :)
I have two favorite computer games:  The Sims and Restaurant City in Facebook
I was addicted to The Sims since I learned about it few years ago-- from The Sims to The Sims 2 to The Sims 3.  I like most the latest which is The Sims 3 because I got few freebies when my husband bought it for me last year (we actually ordered it in advance to get the limited edition mug, t-shirt, and flash disk that looks like The Sims icon-- the green diamond thing that hovers above the Sim you're playing).  I like the Sims because I get to design my dream house and control my life in it.  It was such a world outside reality.  I don't  have a snapshot of my Sims now because I stopped playing it for a while. Mahirap na ma-adik ulit...baka hindi ko na maasikaso si baby and trabaho ko! Hehe.

This is a wallpaper from The Sims3 which my husband and I posted on his laptop during the days when The Sims 3 game was still really fresh and new.  Click the here to visit their site (
But then, I still de-stress over the other game that I like-- Restaurant City from Facebook.  I NEVER played Farmville...I have an existing farm there but I didn't play it at all.  Maybe because I never wanted to be a farmer. Haha!  I wanted to be the shop owner and manager!  My husband and I diligently play this game, and we even befriend other facebook people we don't personally know just to get and trade ingredients that we need.  It was a slow game before.  As in mahirap kumita ng pera. But now, it has many features that could make more money and get ingredients fast and easier.  When I was still a housewife, I could play this everyday, and even play my husband's restaurant (and even my brothers').  But now that I'm already working, I could just sometimes open it.  However, it's still the Facebook game I love to play.

This my restaurant (named "Vhanz Delight") in Restaurant City.  My theme is more like Hawaian or summer.  I chose to make a theme with bamboos and seashore because whenever I get to visualize it, I get more relaxed.  My husband's theme, however, is Japanese.  He always wanted to run a Japanese restaurant! Haha!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CC: When we want something..

Rodliz’s Nest

Between the two of us, I am the one who want more "sumthing-sumthing" than him.  Maybe because I am the vocal one when it comes to my needs and wants.  When I want something, I just say, "hun, gusto ko nun oh, ang ganda e. Bili mo ko nun ha?"  Then he would just say "meow!" (the "meow" expression for us means, "nyek!").  Of course, pa-cute ko yun sasabihin and it seemed like I'm not serious into having it (well...half-heartedly).  Him, being the budget-minded person, would just say "walang budget e".  Then I get over with my obsession over the things I wanted.  Alam ko naman kasi na kapag may extra money ang husband ko, he would just surprise me with the things I like, along with other things I didn't even mentioned to him but I ended up liking them.  But if there's no hope of him buying those things for me, I end up buying them for myself, then he would feel torn between the two--- relief of the pressure of spending or bothered because he couldn't provide me of my needs and wants. Hehe.  However when it comes to favors or errands like buying medicine for me or even just turning the lights off because I'm too lazy to get out of the bed, he has no second thoughts of disobeying me.

As for my husband, he rarely tells me what he wants.  Actually, I am the one who offers him to buy something he wanted.  Pride really is dominant on males, especially a family guy.  Being needy probably is not on their list of attitudes because it's a big punch on their egos.  My husband really makes tiis if he cannot get what he wanted, and he didn't want the idea that his wife would buy him something...even a meal a fastfood!  That's why whenever I give him something, he would tell me, "anu ka ba, hindi mo na dapat yan binili para sa akin."  I know he means that my money could have spent in other important things, but I admit, sometimes, I feel hurt when he turns down my little surprises for him.  But take note: when it comes to bed, he's the needy one.  He would do anything just to get me in the mood to make love with him (not that I don't want to, but sometimes he wants on the night when I'm so damn tired from work).  I won't get into probably know what I mean...hey, I think every husband is just as needy as him when it comes to bed. Haha!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CC: Our Likes and Dislikes

Rodliz’s Nest

1. I like my History subject, especially World History.  My hubby doesn't like History...for him, past is past.
2.  I like walking (as long as I'm not hurrying up for something).  He prefers driving than walking. (I don't see myself driving!)
3.  I prefer WORDS (that's why I love writing and blogging).  He prefers NUMBERS (well, he's an engineer).
4.  He doesn't want me being maarte.  I don't want him being matigas ang ulo!
5.  He doesn't mind if his clothes weren't ironed.  I mind!!!!
6.  I love Chicken McDo than Jollibee Chickenjoy.  But he likes Chickenjoy more than Chicken McDo because Jollibee has spicy chicken.  But then, we both love KFC Chicken. Hehe.
7. He doesn't want to drink gin.  But I prefer gin.  So we ended up drinking Vodka nalang (the Bar sa kanya, Mudshake sa akin).
8.  He does not understand why I'm into magazines and books.  I don't understand why he's into online computer games.
9.  I like color pink, he likes color green.  So when we bought baby's things, we ended up buying blue and yellow items para walang away. Haha! :D
10.  He's rather do something in his day offs than sleep-- like cooking, grocery, doing household chores, etc.  While I'd rather sleep in my day offs rather work around...I need my beauty rest.

Even though my husband and I have some things uncommon, we accept them, and we still love each othe the way we are. :)

Hmm...this should also be a great entry for CC:We're Total Opposite. :)

However, we both love:

1. Japanese food
2. Out of town travels
3. Maroon 5 music!
4. Friendly and warm people
5. watching movies together
6. anime (Reborn!)
7. building our dreams together. :)
8. being mature with our marriage
9. making love with each other :p
10. our precious daughter Rian!
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Mommy Moments: My baby's first books

mommy moments

I missed this meme last Friday, but anyway, I would still post something about it.  The topic's all about books.  Personally, I adored books since I was in grade school (and even younger!).  That's why I would also like my 1 year old toddler to be also fond of books.  Here's her first ever book:

I bought this when she was 5 months old.  It was not actually a story book with words, but a book with different textures inside.  I bought this so that my baby would be familiarized with different textures.  Back then she was fascinated with its textures and sounds.  Now that she had grown older, she fascinates herself with it by opening the little peek-a-boo's in each pages.  She realizes there are pictures inside the textured peek-a-boo doors, leaves, and clouds.

I observed that she was more excited now to flip pages of my mommy magazines and books.  She didn't anymore tear paper pages, but instead, she looks at pictures and words (and even try to just turn pages one by one).  That's why I introduced to her a hardbound bible book.  However, it was not a new book (it's my husband's bible book when he was little).  I make the book reading more exciting for her because I read the stories in it while she flips the pages.  Sometimes, she would babble, making comments out of the story.  We usually make the story telling before she goes to sleep.

I guess, she would love books like I do.  Curiously flipping must be the first sign of loving books! Hehe.  I don't want her to become a nerdy bookworm but I want her to appreciate books because it would increase her vocabulary and widen her creativity and imagination.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Reminiscing the Past: Subic Galore!

December of 2007.  Jeff and I, along with some of his officemates, decided to take a Holiday out of town trip at Subic.  Subic Bay in Olongapo City is one of the famous tourist spots in the Philippines bceause it is developed to be an Eco-tourism place wherein you can experience different kinds of activities such as jungle activities, water sports, night life, and visiting historical and natural sites. As for us, since we only had two-days and one-night stay, just visited the Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure.  But we also had fun in the beach because we stayed in a bay-side hotel.
My hunny, me, and the beach of subic!

Our first stop after we unloaded our bags in the hotel was the Zoobic Safari.  It's actually a big zoo but the experience was more natural because at times, there were animals which was just lurking around!  Well, they were the friendly ones.  But there was a part in the tour wherein we had to ride in a bus because we would go inside a big secured place wherein tigers were freely doing their own thing!  Some of them were salivating especially when we threw them dressed chicken.  Some of them even jumped on the bus!  We also got to feed crocodiles.  I didn't like the feeling of feeding them because at first, they were so still, they looked like statues.  But when the moment you get showed them the dressed chicken (again!), they would suddenly jump to bite the it.  It startled me a lot.  But anyway, I really enjoyed the zoo tour.  It was like a tour in the African Safari.

Inside the bus cage...while the tigers are freely lurking around outside!

That night, after the kids of my husband's officemate had gone to sleep, we started to drink and relax.  I didn't drink much.  I wanted to dive in the beach waters...but since it was dark, of course, I was frightened to do so.  After drinking, Jeff and I walked on the shores, with hands clasped together, breathing the sea air, hearing each others heartbeat.  It was a warm starry night and I was very happy to be with the one I love.  I had dreamed of that scenario walk on the shores with my loved one beside me.  We didn't talk much because the silence said it all.

The next day, we went to Ocean Adventure to see the dolphin exhibition.  Well, we first watched the sea lion's show, then in the middle of the day (and the sun was too high), it as a good thing we visited the fish museum (it was cool there because of the aircon! Hehe).  We were delighted with the fishes we saw in there.  Then in the afternoon, it was time for the dolphin exhibition.  Though the crowd was thick, we still managed to get good seats wherein we could see the show better.  The show was amazing!

And so we was it like being the fish!

After the Ocean Adventure, we prepared to go home.  The tours were really enjoying and sooo sulit.  I promise myself I would tour my daughter Rian there when she turns 2 or 3 years old.  I'm sure she will love each moment of her experience there!
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Blog Launching: A Food Blog for Toddlers

I'm launching my new blog site here at Blogger, entitled: Food for the Tots.  Though I know how to cook, I'm not really into that hobby.  But since my toddler, who is now one year old, already starts to eat adult food, and I observe that she's beginning to get weary of eating plain lugaw with mashed veggies (well, who wouldn't get tired of it if you eat the same menu in every meal, everyday!), I decided to take some action to interest my daughter in eating more food.  It's time for yummy, varied, but still healthy meals.  That's why I begin to be a "cooking" mom who researches and experiments all new meals for my little one.  She has to gain at least 2 more pounds this month!

And of course, I would like my cookings to be recorded and making a blog about it is a smart move.  By this, I could also even share something for all the mommies out there.

Visit my new cooking site at:  Happy reading! and may your little ones enjoy the recipes as much as my toddler do! :)  

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Faves #1: Favorite Quote/s

This is my first Friday Faves Meme.  Every Friday, a new topic will be posted and it will be open for a week.  Don't forget to enter your blog in the Linky Tool below so that other bloggers could read your answers.  Spread the word by pasting the Friday Faves badge in your blogs and sites.  Share now and enjoy your Fridays! :)

For Friday Faves #1(Aug 13-20): Share your FAVORITE QUOTE/s

✩ I am a fragment of a mirror whose whole design and shape I do not know. Nevertheless, with what I have I can reflect light into the dark places of this world--into the black places in the hearts of men--and change things in some people. Perhaps, others may see and do likewise. This is what I am about. This is the meaning of LIFE. ✩

--Robert Fulghum, "The Mirror", Chickensoup for Teenage Soul I

I believe that this is my mission in TRANSFER KNOWLEDGE to people, for their own development.  Hmm...this is probably why I took up Human Ecology major in Social Technology in college and entered the career in Training and Development.  I want to be the mirror who would reflect light in other people's lives.  This is why I live.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: My "Bridal Magazine"

My "bridal magazine"...get yours at
Geez...I missed being the bride...heheee


Sunday, August 8, 2010

MomMgt for August 2010

I'm currently working on a take home assignment about the Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop held last few months in our company.  I am now making a summary of notes which was discussed by the speaker during the workshop.  I recalled the blog article I made here about Problem Solving.  Suddenly I realized I could make it as my first meme topic in Mommy Management.

Please read through my past blog entry entitled: On Problem Solving.  However, here is the summary of the procedures on Problem Solving and Decision Making as stated in the article:

1. State the Problem
2. State your Goal
3. Know the root cause of the problem
4. Think of possible solutions or options
5. Know your MUSTs criteria
6. Know your WANTs criteria
7.  Rate your options
8. Delegate tasks and make a commitment
9.  Follow up
10. Celebrate!

Reflection Question:
What is the specific problem that you had solved lately?  How did you handle it?
What is the specific problem that you are currently solving or planning to solve lately?  How would you handle it?

Happy Meme Blogging!

Mommy Moments entry: Fave Rian Photos

mommy moments

theme: favorite photo of your kid

This was taken when my daughter Rian was 11 months old.  I love this photo because when I told her to smile to the cellphone camera, I was surprised to see that she actually smiled! (she didn't grab my cellphone or just stare at it like she did before)  Now that she understands that she should smile infront of the camera, I can't wait for her to pose infront of it naman!  Haha! :)
My husband loves this pic.  He had this photo on his Facebook profile for the longest time. Our daughter was around 5 months old back then and she showed so much excitement when we introduced the walker to her.  Yup, she really wanted to be mobile back then...and now, she strives hard to be mobile by walking with support. I imagine how mobile she would be when she starts walking by herself!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nightime Routinesss

Now that my daughter Rian can sleep peacefully straight at night,  I can sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours, unlike before which I had to wake up in the middle of the night because Rian was crying and I had to either feed her or cradle her back to sleep (and I ended up having eye bugs and gloomy face in the morning).  Moreover, Rian can now put herself to sleep, as long as she sees us (her parents) also lying on the bed, preparing to doze off.  Getting off the bed or a nightime visit from other people is prohibited because when she sees someone else sitting or standing, she would also sit up and begin to play around (and it would be harder for us to make her prepare to sleep again!).  Well, at least I don't have to cradle her every single night (unless she wanted to make lambing, especially if she missed me so much).

I had a few practiced tricks on how to prepare her for a sound sleep at night.  Before, I usually gave her a milk before sleep, and I still do that until now.  The difference is, before, she was fast asleep after drinking milk.  Now, drinking milk relaxes her before bedtime (which is better because milk residue in her mouth while asleep would be bad for her two front teeth).  After having milk, she would either roll on bed and find a perfect spot for sleeping or just lay on her back with arms and legs wide spread.

Aside from drinking milk, we also play quietly (means no rough play like tags, hide and seek, and other active games).  We would just get few toys like stuff toys and her telephone toy and play with them on her play mat.  We would play until she gets bored and sleepy.

Story reading is also one of my techniques to prepare her for bedtime.  I would either read her the Bible Story book (which she lifts the next pages even when I'm not still done reading the former page) or create a "Once Upon A Time" story which she loved listening to because she hears her name when I tell her that the princess' name is Baby Princess Rian. She even talk back at me when I tell her bedtime stories.

When she's already relaxed, it's a signal for me to dim the lights, get the baby oil (Johnson's baby oil - lavander) and massage her all over her body.  I usually do the I-Love-U  massage on her.  And whenever I do that to her, with matching smile and cute voice saying "I-love-you" to her, she smiles back at me.  Obviously, she likes it!  When she starts to get fussy, I massage her legs.  She loves to have her legs massaged eversince I introduced it to her when she was one month old-- she was just lying on her back, watching me quietly while I touch her legs and feet.  And when I begin to massage her head, her eyes begin to feel droopy until she finally falls asleep.

Writing this blog makes me I'll probably say goodnight too. Goodnight everyone! :)

Daddy Jeff and toddler Rian, sleeping.  They both found a perfect spot for a peaceful sleep. 
Goodnight dearests!  Tabihan ko kayo maya-maya. :)

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