Friday, June 25, 2010

Daddy's of my Life

My Daddy...he's the most patient man I've ever seen, the one who treated me almost like a princess (well, I'm his only daughter!), but also never forgot to give me lectures and lessons about life.  He had been my model especially in my studies because I had always wanted to become an active stud like he was-- a writer, a student council member, a very studious and responsible student.  He was very strict when we were kids, but he had grown to be a cool dad now.  He loves my daughter so much, he practically takes care and plays with her every single moment when she was visiting him.  I love him soooo much!  Happy 28th Father's Day to you, Daddy!! (Wonder why 28th?  I'm his eldest kid, and I'm already 28 years old!).

My baby Rian and her grandpa

My Brother, Bob...the first to have a kid among us, siblings.  He's the daddy of Alyssa (obviously, my baby Rian's cousin). He's my most pasaway brother, but the most patient and cool-headed.  He loves his daughter so much, and he also shows affection towards my daughter, too.  He gives me advices on baby caring because he's got much more experience in it than me (kasi napagdaanan na nya un).  I think Bob is a cool but strict dad. Hehe. I love this guy, as well as all my other brothers.  They never abandoned me and they really show respect towards me because I'm their ate (kahit na masungit ako sa kanila, mahal pa rin nila ako).

My brother Bob and her beautiful daughter Alyssa

My husband, Jeff...the DADDY of our baby Rian. Among the guys I had relationship with, Jeff is the most responsible.  Yup, he's a very responsible family man.  As a Dad, he's strict and conservative, but playful and very patient.  Rian knows she's her daddy.  Whenever I ask her, "Where's your daddy?", she always looks at him (or if he's not around, she looks at the place where her father spends most of his time-- infront of the computer playing games. Hehe).  At night, Rian always like to hug her daddy (hmm...probably he's got more fats to hug? Haha!).  But then, when Rian feels hungry and / or sleepy, she would stop playing with her Daddy.  She would start to cry and search for me. :D

Rian, before her 1st month, and her first-time Daddy
I love this photo! :)

To my own Daddy, my brother, and my husband...and to all the fathers out there,
 to all of you! 
You're all the best superheroes to your children! :) ❤❤❤

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reminiscing the Past: Experiencing Indoor Pool at Los Banos, Laguna

Thi blog is about my summer get-away with my hunny last May 2010.

Los Banos, Laguna is most famous in hot springs resorts in the Philippines (and I'm very proud of it because I grew up in this town!).  It is also famous for its Buko Pies, Espasols, and Cow's milk (yummy!).  And of course, the well-known legend of Maria Makiling took place in here (in the deep forests of Mount Makiling).

My husband and I neither celebrated Mothers Day on May 10 nor his 30th birthday on May 13 because we just decided to have a weekend summer overnight at a hot spring resort in Los Banos, Laguna on May 15 to 16.  We chose to stay at City of Springs Resort because we wanted to experience its indoor pool (as in there's a pool inside your very own room!) and it's beside Laguna Lake.  We reserved a room a week before, and we were very thankful because there were still rooms available, considering the fact that it's a peak month for summer destinations such as resorts and beaches.  The room we got was worth almost Php 1900 per night (couple room, airconditioned, and with waist-deep indoor pool ).

Experiencing the indoor pool!

After checking in the resort hotel, we visited our daughter Rian at my parent's home, where she was staying for 3 weeks.  My parent's home was just 5 minutes away from the resort.  Then we bought snacks, vodka, and even an FHM Magazine copy at the grocery.  Before dinner time, we tried the indoor pool...and the water in it was hot!  Well, what can you expect from a hot springs resort, huh?  Even the shower was hot too (no need to put a heater, indeed!).  But it was so relaxing, especially when I let my back touch the flowing water which fills the swimming's like I'm having a water massage! Haha!  But I couldn't stay too long in the water because its heat made me thirsty.  My husband and I took out Barbeque Chicken Joy at Jollibee.  And after dinner, we dived again in the pool and started to drink our vodkas.

Hmm...I don't have to continue the story after our vodka drinking, do I? ;-)

I suddenly loved my Mudshake vodka!!!!!

The next day, we had breakfast in the hotel, facing the outdoor swimming pool.  Yummy tapsilog.  Then I dived again into the indoor pool (hey, it looked like we totally ignored the outside swimming pool!).  This time my hubby didn't join me so I enjoyed my one last swim in it alone.  Then around lunchtime, we checked out of the hotel, went to my parent's house to give Rian hugs and kisses, and went back to Alabang.

We realy did have a stress-free weekend!

@ City of Springs Resort at Los Banos, Laguna

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby's got fever and colds!

My baby Rian never got fever and colds during her first 10 months of life...until now!  Well, actually I am really expecting that sooner or later, she would be sick because she can't be sick-free all her life, could she?  But I wasn't expecting that she would have it now, in the middle of my busy working days (the time I couldn't take another absent for the meantime because I feel like I had taken quite a number of leaves before which were unpaid...because my employment isn't regularized yet, hehe).

She had taken a vaccine last weekend, which the doctor warned us that she would feel feverish for the next couple of days. My daughter became weak (as in matamlay) the day after her vaccination, and she started to eat less (as in  walang ganang kumain). I did not go to work last Monday to personally take care of her.  Good thing she became stronger again the next day.  I thought she was all okay...until my mother-in-law texted me last Friday, telling me that Rian was having a fever with a temperature of 38 C!  I went home as soon as possible after work.

Yup, Rian was all hot and in distress when I saw her.  She was also having colds and cough.  My husband and I couldn't sleep well for the next days because Rian kept waking us up with her cries.  She obviously didn't feel good.  That's why we decided to bring her to the doctor that weekend.

We waited from the opening of the clinic until our turn to see the doctor, which was beyond lunchtime already.  There were so many patients before us, and the doctor was even late for about 3 hours!  Anyway, the doctor (which is not her official doctor, by the way.  We just consulted an available Pediatrician that time in Healthway, Alabang) gave Rian medicines for her colds (but not anti-biotics).  He told us that Rian has flu (trangkaso), and he also advised us to just give her a sponge bath, and make sure she gets lots of water and juices (that's a bit problem for us because Rian wouldn't like to eat and drink anything except milk, which she couldn't even finish).

My mother-in-law brought Rian again to the clinic, to consult Rian with her official doctor, because she her health was still not improving.  The doctor gave Rian another medicine for her cough (her medicine box suddenly became full!).  I was a bit sad to know that Rian lost 1 kg weight (we're aiming for 10 kilos on her first birthday! Now she's back to 7 kg...).  Anyway, Rian's health quite improved because she was smiling and dancing when I saw her this afternoon when I came home from work.  As of now, she is sleeping peacefully beside her daddy (who is also asleep already, also tired and exhausted).  I am hoping that Rian would sleep better tonight, and praying that she would get well as soon as possible.

I love you my baby Rian.  Mommy and daddy will always take care of you. MWAAAHHH!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shops We Love

My husband and I love these shops!  Well, not too much, but there are times when we go to the mall, we find ourselves window-shopping (and at times, to our surprise, we end up purchasing) in these shops.

When we search for a perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for family and friends, we usually visit the Clipper shop.  It has variety goodies such as office, school, and home supplies which are useful and attractive.  Most are the things we don't usually buy because they are not necessities but they are perfect to give as presents.  It also has a touch of modern Japanese theme...and I love the shops's background music because it was Japanese inspired (like the music used for anime's).  Sometimes, I just go in here to window shop because just looking at their colorful novelties makes me happy. :)

North Face - this is one of my husband's favorite shops.  Actually the picture on the right is the bag he purchased on the shop.  Aside from the bag, his shoes and jacket are all from North Face.  He likes shopping on this shop because of the quality of the items (his North Face bag, jacket and shoes are all waterproof!).  Aside from North Face, he also likes to shop at Columbia, but because of a bad service in one of their branches, he became disappointed and decided tnot to buy there again (well, it's just the pants he won't buy, he said. Hehe).

This is my personal favorite shop in a mall.  It's because I love books! Aside from it, I like its service--- you can read their books in the shop.  There are seats in there wherein you can browse the pages of the books you wanted to buy...or better yet, read the whole book!  There are also areas for kids where they can read children's books.  There are also branches where there is a coffee shop inside and a music store.  Whenever I visit Powerbooks, the ones I always grab to read are Pugad Baboy comics and Beerkada comics because aside being easy to read (which would just take only  about 20 to 30 minutes of my time), reading those comics really amuses me (sometimes I just find myself smiling and laughing softly when reading those comics...some customers just look at me with quizzing eyes. Haha!).

INFANTICIPATION - Infanticipation is a baby shop that can be seen in some malls in Metro Manila, including Festival Mall at Alabang.  My husband and I are not really fans of this shop but we just observed that most of the baby things we buy came from this shop such as bottle nipples, baby gym toy, teether, and stroller.  It is one of the stores in Alabang that we usually visit when we window shop for baby things.

This is the restaurant we both love...because we love Japanese food! Whenever my husband and I crave for sushi, this resto is the top of our mind choice (even though we don't have the cash, we would just swipe the bill with the card just to satisfy our Japanese dish cravings).

There you have it...the shops my hubby and I love to visit, even though we don't usually have the money to buy (ehehe).  Haay...gusto ko tuloy mag-shopping galore!
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