Friday, June 25, 2010

Daddy's of my Life

My Daddy...he's the most patient man I've ever seen, the one who treated me almost like a princess (well, I'm his only daughter!), but also never forgot to give me lectures and lessons about life.  He had been my model especially in my studies because I had always wanted to become an active stud like he was-- a writer, a student council member, a very studious and responsible student.  He was very strict when we were kids, but he had grown to be a cool dad now.  He loves my daughter so much, he practically takes care and plays with her every single moment when she was visiting him.  I love him soooo much!  Happy 28th Father's Day to you, Daddy!! (Wonder why 28th?  I'm his eldest kid, and I'm already 28 years old!).

My baby Rian and her grandpa

My Brother, Bob...the first to have a kid among us, siblings.  He's the daddy of Alyssa (obviously, my baby Rian's cousin). He's my most pasaway brother, but the most patient and cool-headed.  He loves his daughter so much, and he also shows affection towards my daughter, too.  He gives me advices on baby caring because he's got much more experience in it than me (kasi napagdaanan na nya un).  I think Bob is a cool but strict dad. Hehe. I love this guy, as well as all my other brothers.  They never abandoned me and they really show respect towards me because I'm their ate (kahit na masungit ako sa kanila, mahal pa rin nila ako).

My brother Bob and her beautiful daughter Alyssa

My husband, Jeff...the DADDY of our baby Rian. Among the guys I had relationship with, Jeff is the most responsible.  Yup, he's a very responsible family man.  As a Dad, he's strict and conservative, but playful and very patient.  Rian knows she's her daddy.  Whenever I ask her, "Where's your daddy?", she always looks at him (or if he's not around, she looks at the place where her father spends most of his time-- infront of the computer playing games. Hehe).  At night, Rian always like to hug her daddy (hmm...probably he's got more fats to hug? Haha!).  But then, when Rian feels hungry and / or sleepy, she would stop playing with her Daddy.  She would start to cry and search for me. :D

Rian, before her 1st month, and her first-time Daddy
I love this photo! :)

To my own Daddy, my brother, and my husband...and to all the fathers out there,
 to all of you! 
You're all the best superheroes to your children! :) ❤❤❤

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