Friday, October 15, 2010

Mommy Moments: Bubble Buddies!

mommy moments

This is my baby's first bubble experience, and she was 9 or 10 months old back then.  I remembered Spongebob and his favorite blowing bubbles hobby so I decided to buy my daughter a bottle of bubble soap at Toys R Us at Alabang Town Center. Since our baby was so adored by the bubbles, my husband dreamed to buy her a bubble machine (which didn't came true yet...maybe someday...hahaha!).

Baby Rian actually wasn't all interested with the bubbles itself.  She was more curious on how we made them.  She was looking how we blow bubbles on the hole after we had dipped it in the soap.  She struggled to get the bubble stick and wondered where did the bubbles came from.  Such a curious and intelligent baby!

I'm sharing to you the video of her first bubble experience.  Enjoy watching!

Happy Mommy Moments meme reading!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

CC: Who's the Boss?

Rodliz’s Nest
My hubby and I took a personality test years ago (just for fun) and it showed that we both have boss-y temperaments, probably because we're both the eldest child among our siblings. But somehow, we're quite different in exercising our authoritative nature. 

The Choleric.  Jeff is the Choleric one.  Choleric persons are the typical authoritarian, dominant and powerful bosses.  At best, they are take-charge persons, determined and doer.  At worst, they are stubborn, impatient and inflexible.  When my husband decides on something, it's already hard to argue with him.  He always wants to do almost everything his way and sometimes when he decides or does something without my consent, I couldn't help but to feel bad.  But when a decision or move doesn't come from him, he's the one feeling bad because he thinks that he's useless.  So since I'm the flexible one, I get us to compromise without him knowing that we're compromising at all (and that's my skill, given my temperament which I will discuss later).  I let him decide on big and important matters because it makes him feel responsible and valued (like where to invest money, where to take an out-of-town trip, what brand of appliances or electronic device we plan to buy....).  Then I do the little bossy gestures at him--- like getting him to turn off the lights for me and getting him to be the first to take a bath in the morning because I am too lazy to get up from bed (haha!).

The Sanguine.  I'm the Sanguine between us.  Sanguines are people-centered, fun loving, and talkative.  They have lots of new ideas, very creative and persuasive.  At best, they are very social, expressive, and sincere.  At worst, they are exaggerating, compulsive, and very emotional.  I'm not a very bossy type like my husband, I sure can persuade him with my magical convincing words or my emotional moods (I just put a pout on my face infront of him, and his heart would melt). At times, Jeff still asks my opinion, especially for new and creative ideas (example, if he couldn't think of how we should spend our date, he would just simply ask me how I like us to spend our romantic date).  Most of the time, when I become restless, I would convince him to take the family out for a mall or out-of-town trip, and all I have to do was to talk and talk and talk to him about it until he finally gives in.  And if he doesn't give in with my proposals, especially if it would involve cash,  I still feel lucky to have him in my life because I still get him to do housechores and little personal favors one-hundred percent (kahit dahil sa katamaran ko lang, he would still do it for me). Sanguines are naturally annoyingly cute, and my husband loves me for that.  Hey, it must be the charm.  Haha!

Even though Jeff and I are both exercising our own way of being the boss of the house, we still consider God as our Big Boss.  God is the one who provides us with our basic needs.  God is the one who gives us good health and blessings in life.  God is the one who controls our home...and we praise Him for that.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reminiscing the Past: Enchanting Trip

Enchanted Kingdom was my husband Jeff and I's first gimik trip...and that was way back when he was still courting me.  It was a summer of 2007 when he invited me for a carnival date with him to celebrate his birthday, and of course, I did not resist to spend that day with him because it was my first time to enter Enchanted Kingdom (imagine, I lived in Laguna but I had never experienced its amazing rides until that special day!). 

Infront of the Grand Carousel...under the heat of the summer sun

The most unforgettable ride I experienced was the Space Shuttle-- and believe me, it's also the one I think I would never ride again.  My eyes were shut the whole time, especially during the heartstopping loop! And when the ride finally ended, and Jeff asked me how was I, I couldn't say anything but a mumbling "moooommmyyyyy!!!" because I was soooo terrified.  Jeff just laughed at me.  He loved the Space Shuttle ride!

Space Shuttle.  This was before the ride started.  What should I expect???

My favorite ride was the Log Jam.  It was a bit romantic ride because we got to ride a boat (in a shape of a log), but also an exciting and adventurous one because the log boat would slide on top of a hill, causing us to be splashed with water afterwards.  The best thing about it was our slide was caught by photo in action.  I haven't got to scan the picture until now, but I swear, the photo was still existing (somewhere around the house....).
Background: The Log Jam.  And we're all wet!

We got to experience almost all the amazing and famous rides of Enchanted Kingdom.  We actually stayed there until almost closing so that we would be able to see the fireworks.  I was so happy, I gaved him my "yes, I want to be your girlfriend" answer that night when he dropped me off my place.  Nakalog ang utak ko sa mga rides, napasagot tuloy niya ako. Haha!

I haven't been in Enchanted Kingdom again.  Maybe next time, when our daughter will be old enough to appreciate the rides.  I'm sure she would love to experience the magical carnival place (and I wonder if she would say the same line after riding the Space Shuttle....hehe).

Me...and the Enchanted Kingdom's headmaster and her...uh...chick?

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mommy Moments: A Toddler's Hairdo

mommy moments

My toddler's hair is getting longer, and I have to make a way to take her hair off her little face.  Sometimes I'm having a hard time putting clips on her hair because she hates having her head being touched (and most of the time the result becomes a mess, but at least her hair is finally off her face).  Here's my favorite hairdo I did on her:

My baby Rian looked fresh and happy with her hairstyle!

Happy Mommy Moments meme reading and blogging!

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Learning Legacy from the Last Lecture

My sister-in-law lent me the Last Lecture book by Randy Pausch.  At first I thought it was a fictional novel but when I started to read it, I realized it's more like a diary or authobiography.  It is a book about the author's childhood dreams, personal experiences, struggles from his illness, and learnings  in life.  I feel that he wrote that book to leave a legacy in this world--- to prove that dreams really do come true.

As I read the first pages of the book, I couldn't help but to weep silently because I could feel the mood of the story (the author had a pancreatic cancer and only had few months to live.  So I just imagine how sad he was, as well as the people close to him, especially his wife).  But the author made his story a positive one--- that even though  his time was up, he still decided to make the last days of his life happy.

He had dreams in life which he surprisingly attained (Hey, he even dreamed of going to space--- and he had experienced it!).  I also have dreams in life.  I may not be child anymore but I still continue to dream. 

How about you?  Do you have your own dreams in life?

If you don't have The Last Lecture book yet, I suggest you watch its video below during your freetime and be enlightened and inspired.  You can also visit its website at

Have a nice day!

I'm posting this entry for the following memes: ABC Wednesday and Girls Talk.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bloghopping night

Tuesday Tag-Along

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Monday, October 4, 2010

CC: What do we want from each other

Rodliz’s Nest
What do I want from him?

I learned to accept my husband from the day we got together, and now that we are married, I do not demand him to change.  But somehow, I wish that he would be sweetingly enough to treat me as her queen.  I know that he's not the romantic type, but then, there are times that I long for the times when he was still courting me--- he would give me flower and would willingly drive me home even though my place was a south-expressway far from his place.  Hey, it was years ago since the last time he gave me flowers (it was even before we got married pa!).  And his face goes sour and bitter when I request him to drive me to my office (and imagine, I still have to request for it!  Where's his initiative?!).  I wouldn't say he is thoughtless because I know he's a responsible person to us as the head of the family.  But I hope sometimes, he would again sweep me off my feet and make me all nuts and crazy about him just like before.  I want to feel again the kilig factor all over again.  Hey, who says that courting should stop by the day that a couple is married!

What does he want from me?

Aside from satisfying his manly cravings (which I usually neglect because I get so tired from work-- and I'm so guilty about it!), I guess, he would want me to lessen my whines and complaints about anything.  I don't nag him (I had learned the effects of nagging during my relationship with my ex), but I just have too much to say, that most of the time, I become more of a talker than a doer. 

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.  But eventually, as for me and my husband, we tend to compromise and sometimes give in to our wishes.

Happy Couple's Corner meme reading and blogging! :)

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