Monday, October 4, 2010

CC: What do we want from each other

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What do I want from him?

I learned to accept my husband from the day we got together, and now that we are married, I do not demand him to change.  But somehow, I wish that he would be sweetingly enough to treat me as her queen.  I know that he's not the romantic type, but then, there are times that I long for the times when he was still courting me--- he would give me flower and would willingly drive me home even though my place was a south-expressway far from his place.  Hey, it was years ago since the last time he gave me flowers (it was even before we got married pa!).  And his face goes sour and bitter when I request him to drive me to my office (and imagine, I still have to request for it!  Where's his initiative?!).  I wouldn't say he is thoughtless because I know he's a responsible person to us as the head of the family.  But I hope sometimes, he would again sweep me off my feet and make me all nuts and crazy about him just like before.  I want to feel again the kilig factor all over again.  Hey, who says that courting should stop by the day that a couple is married!

What does he want from me?

Aside from satisfying his manly cravings (which I usually neglect because I get so tired from work-- and I'm so guilty about it!), I guess, he would want me to lessen my whines and complaints about anything.  I don't nag him (I had learned the effects of nagging during my relationship with my ex), but I just have too much to say, that most of the time, I become more of a talker than a doer. 

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.  But eventually, as for me and my husband, we tend to compromise and sometimes give in to our wishes.

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