Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday Faves # 7: Favorite Dessert

This week's topic is a yummy one coz we'll be sharing about our FAVORITE DESSERTS!!!!  Please include the Friday Faves badge on your post and place your link in the Linky Tool provided below.  May all of us have a sweety delish while blogging!


My favorite dessert is ice cream.  And believe it or not, I'd rather eat my ice cream before taking a meal!  That's because I don't want my ice cream to melt.  I super hate melted ice cream!  So I'd rather finish it up before it liquify infront of my eyes and craving taste buds!  It doesn't matter if its in a cup or cone or stick or in a sandwich/bread, as long as they are frozen just enough.  Chocolate and cheese are my best ice cream flavors. 

Dairy Queen's Sandwich and Dilly's Bar are some of my favorites, and I mostly crave for them after work (which I am always tempted to buy everytime I got off the bus and I have no choice but to enter a mall and pass by a DQ shop).  I also like Nestle's new product, Heaven Ice Cream (as well as other Magnolia Nestle's ice creams because their frozen state shelf life outside the freezer is longer than other brands...well, it's just my observation).

Happy Friday Faves meme reading and blogging!

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