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CC: Trust, Faith and Loyalty

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It was just 2 weeks ago when my officemates debated on the meanings of the 3 words--- Trust, Faith and Loyalty.  And I can't believe I'm gonna actually write my opinion about those words because the night after their debate, I was left thinking of their definitions...and it was a hard one for me! (Sis Liz, grabe pinag-isip mo kami dito ah! Hehe)

TRUST is a very important value of relationships, which could be romantic or non-romantic (like friendships and business relationships).  Without this, there cannot be a harmonious relationship.  It is believing that whatever happens, one will abide my the rules or contracts or promises made.  For me, trust is earned by hardwork.  That's why my husband and I had a courting stage and a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship before we got married so that we would know if we are worthy of each other's trust.  And of course, we still have take care of the trust we earned from each other even though we entered matrimony, so that we could have a harmonious relationship.  Trust and Love goes hand in hand, because love without trust is just an obsession that could result to jealousy and emotional pain for both parties (and they say that love without trust creates baby! But that's a joke! Haha!).

LOYALTY is surrendering yourself to someone or something, and whatever happens, through thick or thin, you stay by him/her/it.  One would never leave, reject and betray someone or something. A good example of people showing loyalty are the soldiers.  They are loyal to the country that they give their lives for it because they believe that being loyal to their country would give them satisfaction in their lives.  It's what they live for.  Same goes for marriage.  From the day my husband and I got wed, we start to live for each other.  And it is our happiness to stick with each other whatever happens---just like what we promised during our wedding ceremony. 

FAITH is a word more popular to religion, but is also an important core value in relationships.  Faith is believing without actually seeing.  If one believes God, then he has faith in God.  One doesn't need to see the miracles God made in the Bible just to believe them.  One just knows by his heart that they are true.  Sometimes, in love, we don't really have to prove it just to know it exists.  All we have to do is to believe it with our hearts. Loving blindly is a negative connotion and we have to put it in a positive way--- We love with faith.  My husband and I don't really have to prove every minute of every day that we love each other because we already have faith in each other.  We believe that we love each other.

What's common from those three words is the word B-E-L-I-E-V-E.  Believing makes the three words, not just superficial and overused words, but R-E-A-L.  We cannot see love, but if we believe-- with trust, loyalty and faith-- it makes L-O-V-E a real thing that could be enjoyed by couples.  Because love without believing is just a plain fake love.

Our rings and my bridal flower

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