Monday, September 20, 2010

Eye strain and Headaches

I'm experiencing painful headaches again....

The last time I had this headache was when I was in my former job.  I know it wasn't migrane because I observed that whenever I wear my eyeglasses, and my eyes becomes tired from being infront of the computer, the pain starts to arrive, and it lasts until bedtime.  I had not visited an eye doctor before probably because I had no health card back then (a check up can be pricey).  After I left my former job, I got married and became a housewife for a year, and I observed that the headache was gone.  But now that I'm working again, and my job includes long hours infront of a computer, the headache starts to come back.  At times I take off my glasses so that I could minimize the pain.  But there are times that I would really wear them, especially when I'm doing training infront of participants and looking out for the right bus or jeep that I should ride.  The grade of my lens is just 70-100, but I feel already blind without my glasses!

Since now, I have a health card already, I decided to consult an Opthalmologist.  I'll visit one on the weekend.  I already purchased a new rim of eyeglasses (since my old one is just too old na), but the lens will just wait after the check up (the grade may already gone higher).  I couldn't wait for this week to finish so that I could visit an eye doctor.  My headache really irritates me especially during work.  And I hope and pray that my eye strain and headache is not something very serious. 

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