Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FB Phishing Victim

Last weekend, I tried to open my Facebook account.  When I entered my username and password, the screen again asked for my account details.  So, of course, I entered them again.  Then Facebook suddenly prompt me that I had been a victim of phishing and I have to change my password as soon as possible to prevent the hacker to continue open my FB account.  I was so worried that time, I quickly changed my FB password, as well as my Yahoo Mail password (for more security reasons, since FB will send a verification message in my Yahoo mail.  Good thing Facebook quickly recognizes such hacking scams and informs us as soon as possible.

I don't know much about phishing, but according to my research, it is a kind of hacking wherein you enter your account details in a social website or email website which are actually fake (they look like the real thing on the screen but actually, they are fake sites so that the hacker could get your passwords and important details about you).  To minimize the risk of being a phishing victim, social and email websites suggest the following: check the URL of the website before entering your account details, refuse to open or reply unknown emails, especially those which requests for your important information, always log-out before after visiting your social or email websites (and any sites wherein you have to enter your username and password), and of course, limit your sharing of personal information to other people, especially in the internet world.  We may never stop the criminals behind phishing, but we can hinder their acts by safeguarding our own web accounts.

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