Saturday, September 4, 2010

CC: Helping Each Other

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Marriage involves give and take relationship and two-way communication.  This is because marriage means synergy of two individuals--- well, one cannot marry oneself, can he? 

My husband and I helps each other in different ways.  The assistance he had given to me that cannot be ignored was when I was pregnant and even after I gave birth to our baby girl.  Since I gave birth through Cesarian (CS), and I should not do any tough chores.  My husband, Jeff, was the one who did most of the household chores, especially the laundry.  He also did most of the cooking (since he got interested in it!).  He also helped me clean the house (and I got him to clean the bathroom sometimes, hehe).  His schedule was working at office on weekdays and doing chores on weekends.  It seemed like he never gets tired.  I was a housewife back then and I wanted to take over the chores but he had always said that he didn't want me to get tired, and he wanted me to focus on taking care of our baby, since she was still an infant back then and I was having lots of eyebugs because of baby's irregular sleeping routines.  But then, I still got to do household chores while he's at the office.  I loved putting things in order in our simple abode.  Hehe.

I was really thankful for having a husband like him who is really willing to help around the house. 

When my baby turned 8 months, I started to search for work, because I wanted to help our family financially.  Though Jeff's salary was just enough for our basic needs, we thought that it would be better if we could have extra money for extra expenses and savings.  Now I got work (and left our home to live with my in-laws because it would be nearer to our workplaces), and somehow, even though I have lower salary than him, I still get to manage to chip in even a little amount for miscellaneous expenses.  And  I guess, in that small way, I could eventually help out my husband financially.  I am also thinking of a sideline so that I could have extra cash for our family savings.

Hmm...what I like best about helping each other is when both of us take turns in taking care of our daughter, Rian.  When Jeff knows I'm tired or doing some assignments or just so I could take a short break for myself, he would be the one entertaining and playing with our daughter.  But then, the bathing and diaper changing parts would always be my chore (except for the times when I'm not yet back home from the office).  It's a routine we do which we enjoy a lot.  Because when we help each other out in taking care of our baby, and even in other ways, we feel much more of a family.

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