Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday Faves # 5: Favorite Best Friend/s

Friday is fast approaching so I'm posting this Friday Faves topic today, Thursday night.  The topic for the week will be all about our Favorite Best Friend/s.  It can be your long-time best friend, your high school barkada, your loved ones, and it can also be your pets!  Share your Favorite Best Friend/s with us and don't forget to paste the Friday Faves badge on your post.  Also link your post with the Linky below this article.  Blogs entered in the Linky will be included in the Links List of my other blog site, Vhanzspace.

Happy Friday Faves blogging to all of us! :)


I am a social person so it wouldn't be a surprise if I had lots of friends.  But among them, only few are, who I can say, my true friends or best friends.  My favorite ones are my high school best friends because they are the ones who I still communicate with up to now.  I didn't really have a barkada when I was in high school, but I had this group of friends which we usually interact with, even though some of them belong to other group of specific friends.  We all went to Canossa Academy, Calamba City during our high school, and University of the Philippines Los Banos during our college years (but with different courses), except one of us who studied in UP Diliman.  Now, 3 of us are working moms, the other two are SAHMs (stay at home moms).  All of us already have families of our own except for one.  We are all different from one another but of course, with some similarities.  Just like other friendships, we had some rocky and smooth experiences.  I am proud to say that after all those years, we still consider each other as friends. 

I would like you to meet my high school best friends----

Vdette, Janice, Lea, Vaneni (not in the photo: Chelle)

Vdette: quiet, good, and studious girl during our high school, took up BS Chemistry in UPLB, the first to get married among us!, now a SAHM who takes care of her daughter and baby-to-be (yup, she's presently pregnant).

Janice: pasaway and a latecomer girl during our high school, but very smart kid, especially in Math,  now an Electrical Engineer, not yet married, godparent of my daughter Rian.

Lea: also a studious girl during our high school, but was not much into happenings, took up BS Agriculture at UPLB, I think she's now a SAHM who takes care if her son (she's not telling her present situation lately...), the 2nd to get married among us.

Chelle: she's not in the photo because it was taken during our college days....and Chelle was studying at UP Diliman that time, she was our Editor-in-Chief during our high school days (and Vdette and I were her other editors), moody with a bit of a drama queen, but now that she's a single mom, I believe she's turned into a strong woman (the strongest among us, actually).

Vaneni (me): the girl who had lots of crushes during high school, took up BS Human Ecology during college, now a working mom.

Wow, I soooo miss you guys! 

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