Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mommy Moments: Visiting Grannies at Laguna

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Belated Happy Grandparents' Day!  Among my own grandparents, only one of them lives up to now-- my grandfather on my mother's side.  And since he lives in a far away farming town in Nueva Ecija, I haven't visited him for two years.  But I hope my family could visit him this upcoming All Saint's Day holiday so that he could finally see his apo sa tuhod.  I'm sure he is all excited to see my daughter!

While I'm doing this blog, my family is now here at Laguna where my parents live.  My husband and I will leave daughter take for a two-week vacation here so that she could spend time with her grannies on my side (we're actually living with my parents-in-law right now in Alabang, that's why it's ok with us if Rian will be visiting my parents for a while).  My parents are so happy right now because they finally can be with their grand daugher again.  I will miss my Rian for the next weeks, especially on my birthday after next week (because she will still be here at Laguna by that time), but while she's away, it would be chance to spend time online and find a freelance job during the nights.  My parents are so matiyaga in feeding, teaching and taking care of Rian, that's why I'm excited to see more of her milestones when we come back to fetch her (and I hope she would gain more weight while she's on vacation too).

My Mommy and Daddy at my daughter's 1st birthday party last July.

Happy Mommy Moments reading and blogging! :)

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