Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mommy Moments: My toddler's eating like a big kid na!

mommy moments

My daughter loves eating something new.  And now that she's a toddler, she sometimes want to try to eat independently.  She would snatch the spoon or fork from my hands and try to eat her food by herself.  To describe her meal and snack time whenever she does that, it's absolutely messy!  She throws food then she'll try to scoop it again with her spoon or fork, then she would try to eat it (of course, I would take away the food before it land in her mouth).  There are times that she's really a good mannered little girl, she's really serious in getting food to reach her mouth using the kubyertos.  It just that sometimes, it pisses her off when the food drops on the floor. Hehe.  Pizza and pancake are the best heavy snacks we can serve her because we would just divide them into bits so that she can use her fork to get it, without her being irritated.  She also loves finger foods for snacks, especially biscuits and Iced Gem (remember it? Hehe).

Sharing to you some of my daughter's candid shots while eating pizza:


Below's photo is quite a funny shot I got while my daughter was eating a fried potato on stick.  She actually ate it as if she's eating isaw!  We were all wondering how in the world did she learn the usual way to eat food on the stick! Hehe...

Yummy Mommy Moments everyone! :)

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