Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday Faves #4: Favorite Weekend Getaway!

First of all, I super apologize for not having a Friday Fave last week.  I was so busy, I even had to take overtime at the office (and that's overtime without pay!).  But anyway,  let's continue the fun of sharing our favorites this week!  This week's topic is FAVORITE WEEKEND GET-AWAY.  Share your favorite and don't forget to put the Friday Fave badge with your post and link your entry in the Linky Tool below.  I will extend the linking of entry in the Linky Tool for a month so that other bloggers who would view this in the future may also be able to share their favorites.  Happy Friday Faves meme reading and blogging! :)


Weekends for me start at after office hours on Fridays.  When I was still single, I used to go to Xaymaca bar at Timog with my friends.  It was a bar with a reggae touch.  My former officemate, Daya, introduced me to the regular Friday band there--- the Brownman Revival.  She was friends with the band members.  Ever since then, I became a regular Friday night Xaymaca visitor because hearing their music made me relax and happy.  And of course, being friends with the band and chatting with them at their break time made my 170 Php really sulit (plus 2 drinks pa yun!).

My 2 great Xaymaca gimmick friends--- Kat and Daya + the Brownman Revival Band
(taken: year 2006...I was still super single back then.  BMR ang boylets ko nun! Haha!)

The regular Friday night Xaymaca friends (eyeball ata ito ng mga BMR yahoogroups members).  Lasing na ata ako jan ah!  Hehe.  Photo taken on year 2006.

When Jeff and I was still in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, I took him to Xaymaca bar to meet the BMR (Brownman Revival).  I also brought along Jeff's friends.  It was the last I went to Xaymaca, because since then, my weekends became out of town travels to different places in the Philippines with Jeff (plus, right now, going to bars and clubs isn't my priority anymore, since I already have a family of my own.  I also heard that Xaymaca was being renovated, and right now, I don't know if it is still in business.  But then, I was thankful to have been enjoyed my singlehood by starting my weekends on a Friday night with reggae music and cool friends.  At least, now that I'm married, hindi ko hinahanap-hanap ang gumimik every weekends! Hehe.

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