Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mommy Moments: Pamana for my kid

mommy moments

I couldn't give away my precious pocketbooks and novels because I always think that I would like my children to read them when they grow up.  Hey, those books might not be available when they grow up, would they?  Hehe.  Actually most pocketbooks that I have are Sweet Valley books (as in, they are still intact and with plastic cover pa! Parang high school notebook! Haha!).  They still smell bookish because I really take good care of them (as in pag may humihiram sa kanila, I make sure that they would return them to me).  I admit I was a huge major major fan of Sweet Valley (I also had SV shirt, socks, and cassette soundtrack of SVH TV series).   Now, since I'm big enough not to read those cheesy teen stories anymore, they are kept nicely in a big box, waiting for my daughter Rian to take hold of them someday.  My Harry Potter books are also waiting for her to read them, though those books are still hanging around my parents house because my brothers still enjoy to read them up to now.  I hope Rian would be a wide reader of different books (but I hope she wouldn't be a bookworm...but just a book lover like me!).  And I hope she would enjoy one simple pamana I plan to give her.  :)

This was my very first SV Twins book, I had it when I was in grade school.  I hope my daughter would enjoy reading this as well. :)

I have Sweet Valley Unicorn Club bools #1 to 15 (but I wasn't anymore completed the whole books of it..I tried but I lacked funds anymore that time...and I turned college that time too, so I guess the kind of book was not right for me anymore. Hehe)

Most of my SVU books were about Lila Fowler, because I like her!  She may be a spoiled brat and bitchy sometime, but I got to know her better through continuous reading of Sweet Valley books.  She's also nice person, just misunderstood sometimes. She taught me that not all things can be bought by money...not all, but most. Haha! :D

***My actual SV books are not with me right now...they are in my parents' house.  So I just got the pictures from the internet :D

Happy Mommy Moments meme blogging! :)

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