Monday, September 27, 2010

CC: The Hardest Days

Rodliz’s Nest
My husband and I are still in our honeymoon period--- we're going 2 years in marriage (plus an almost 2-year bf-gf relationship).  So far, we are not experiencing a major concern in our family, but of course, I wouldn't say that we're having an easy life either.  In the last CC meme, I already discussed that money becomes a sensitive issue in our marriage, but I still thank God because even though we whine about it, He still provides us. 

The days that I consider the hardest for us way back just before our wedding, the days when we learned that I was pregnant.  We were planning for a perfect wedding that time, but all of the sudden, I became pregnant.   It felt like all the dreams and plans that we wanted for a perfect wedding and family shattered, and reality of a life with bigger responsibilities suddenly unfolds us.  We even asked ourselves if we were really ready for it, emotionally and financially.  But we had no choice but to be ready for it.  We cried for the loss of our future dreams, as well as the expectations of our parents.  Those were the hard days.

But hard days make us better and stronger persons.  With our baby, we became more motivated and inspired to give the best that we can be in life.  With our baby, we plan for new future dreams.  With our baby, we our marriage became stronger.  With our baby, the world becomes a fun place to live in.

I am aware that harder days will come in the future.  But my family's faith in God is stronger than them. 

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