Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun at Trade Fairs

I'm beginning to like visiting Trade Fairs eversince I got to experience it first hand in my former work in an non-government organization few years ago.  Since the former NGO I worked for provides training and consultancy services to micro and small entrepreneurs, we were able to be invited to join business trade fairs.  So when our office had a booth in a trade fair held at SM Megamall, we also had a chance to tour around the fair and got freebies, free food tastes, and lots and lots of fliers and brochures.  It was not the first time I had been in a trade fair but it's the first time wherein I got to appreciate being in it.  The second time was when my husband attended a Wedding Fair at SM Megamall few years back when we were interested in checking out how much would we spend in our dream wedding (we were in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship back then).  I had fun especially when we entered the fair and a lady came to us and ask if when are we getting (our ID's says bride-to-be ad groom-to-be so wala kaming kawala sa question!).  She also asked if it's ok to interview us, and I said yes.  Suddenly, she got a microphone and welcomed us in the fair.  Then she interviewed us with the whole place hearing us.  I didn't know if I should get embarrased or proud, but anyway, we just answered her questions politely.  The interview didn't last long but I was impressed with her idea of selling her services that way (she's running a wedding coordinationg and hosting service, by the way) was unique!  Anyway, after we had a tour inside the fair, we got home with lots of fliers and brochures and some freebies.  After a month or so, we visited again another Wedding Fair somewhere at Roxas Blvd (I forgot the name of the place, but it's beside CCP).

Just a few months back, I learned from Smart Parenting website that a Mommy Fair would be held at Alabang Town Center, sponsored by Mommy Mundo.  I decided to go there, since it was just near our place at Alabang.  I actually dragged my husband there (he was not that all excited to go there, but he got interested when we tour around the fair, anyway) because I really wanted to get nice freebies (and I got tons! Hehe). 

A freebie photo shot during the Mommy Fair at ATC

Two weeks ago, my officemate got a complimentary tickets for the Food Fair at World Trade Center.  She invited me for a company.  Since World Trade Center is just beside our office building, I gladly accepted her invitation.  It was a destressing activity for us and we truly enjoyed it.  I bought some blueberry and banana cupcakes, jellyaces, and Twistix potato on stick for my darling daughter, and blueberry cheesecake and chips for me and my hubby (so just imagine, I went home with a shopping bag full of pasalubong and brochures / fliers. hehe)

A shot with a mascot at the Food Fair at World Trade Center

And just after a week, I learned that there was a Filipino Franchise Fair at World Trade Center and I couldn't resist to visit WTC once again.  I invited my officemates to come with me and for just 100 Php per head, we were able to tour inside the fair and get information, fliers, and brochures on franchising different shops.  We weren't able to get more food tastes because it was almost closing hours, but we enjoyed each others company.  Another destressing activity for us.  I hope my officemate would upload our photots there so I can share them with you.

Now I'm thinking, what could be the best franchise my husband and I can purchase? Hmmm...

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