Friday, March 26, 2010

The Daddy and The Baby

Among the baby pictures my daughter has with her daddy, this one's my favorite.  It was taken when my baby was 2 months old.  At her young age, she could already sleep on her side, and copy her daddy's sleeping pose! Haha!  Ok...I know that she was not aware of what she was doing, but the sight of that two adorable persons I love most with the same sleeping pose really made me smile. So cute! Ang kulet talaga!  The moment I saw them sleeping together like that, I hurriedly grabbed the camera and took a shot of them.  And when my husband woke up, I let him see the picture and he was also delighted.  It's one of those kodak moments we had ever seen in our lives!

For those who first encountered the term kodak moments, it means a special, priceless captured shot (by camera or video) which is not directed, nor edited. According to, kodak moment  is a rare, one time, moment that is captured by a picture, or should have been captured by a picture.  And that special picture above is one example of it!

Somehow, that picture reflects the similarities of my husband and my daughter in terms of personality.  Both are hard headed and very persistent.  They never stop until they get what they wanted.  My husband loves computers and other techi gadgets...I think, my daughter would like them too.  Hey, whenever I place my baby infront of the computer, she would always want to press the keys.  And she also gives a lot of effort to grab our cellphones and play with them! Haha! Hmm...what else...well, they say that my baby looks more like me.  But when she's asleep, she looks like a mirror image of her daddy.  They both have the same facial expression while sleeping.  Not to mention same pose, as well!

It's not just the picture that gives me extra joy, but also the times when they bond together (whether playing and laughing together, until the baby cries and so, my husband would pass her to me).  I love the sight of them together.  I hope they would not just be father-daughter, but also best friends.  I really love those two very important persons in my life---my husband and my daughter.  Daddy and baby.  I consider myself lucky to have them! :)

P.S. Now that my baby is 8 months old, she does more than copying her father's sleeping pose.  She can now hug him while they are sleeping, as well.  Someday, I'll be going to take a shot of another kodak moment--- a picture of the daddy and the baby embracing each other while sleeping.  Nice idea, right? :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being a New Mom, Having a New Lifestyle

**I began to write this post a week when I was still a full time homemaker, before I got hired from my new job.  But I finished this a week after I started my new work.  Therefore, to avoid confusion, I maintain the persona of a housewife as I continue and finish this entry.**

My baby now turned 8 months, and this stage is really different from her early months.  When she was 1-3 months old, she barely keeps awake and therefore I could do other household chores that needs to be done.  When she was 4-6 months old, our sleeping nights were quiet (unlike when she was 1-3 months old wherein she would always wake up at night because she was hungry).  She had learned to sleep throughout the night.  But when she turned 7 months old, she started to wake up again in the night, not because she's hungry, but because she wanted company.  She also now has longer time being awake...which means she always look forward to play with me...and because of it, I couldn't do other chores (and even finish this blog!).  Being a mom really is a new lifestyle for me!

My new lifestyle of being a full-time mom of an 8 month old baby girl (with no helpers around):

1.  Having only a 5 minute brunch meal break.  But if I want it longer, I eat my meal while my baby is sleeping at 11:00 am, which would take an hour, if I'm lucky.

2.  But having my meal breaks while she's sleeping would mean moving my bath time at her afternoon nap, which is around 4:00pm.  This nap time of hers usually takes only 30 minutes.  So I would just splash my whole body with the liquid bath soap, put some shampoo on my hair, and rinse myself as fast as I can.  Scrubbing is reserved for weekends, wherein my husband could babysit for our baby longer while I do my things.  Sometimes if I'm unlucky (means my baby would just sleep for a few minutes), I would have my bath time at night before I go to sleep.

3.  Watching cartoons for most of the time.  I already know the schedules of Nickolodeon shows at TV5.  The first show we watch in the morning is Hi5 (that's at 7am in the morning), then followed by Dora the Explorer / Go Diego Go!, Blue's Clues / Wonder Pets, Spongebob, Danny Phantom and Jimmy Neutron. My baby can't get enough of those shows!  Everytime she hears the theme songs (especially the opening songs of the show), her eyes would be glued at the tv.  My baby loves Spongebob Squarepants so much, she glows with joy whenever she hears him talk or sing.  And because of that, I learned a lot about Spongebob...I actually got perfect scores in Spongebob quizzes applications in Facebook!

4. Speaking of theme songs, since my baby and I watch those shows everyday, I can't help but to memorize the music they play.  Sometimes I develop the Last Song Syndrome wherein I tend to unconsciously sing the last song I hear---which are the theme songs of the cartoon shows we watch. ~If only I cauld join you there in the air...floating free without a care.  I wish I could fly and see things with a different eye...~  Guess in what cartoon program you heard that one! :)

5.  Bending exercises.  My baby would snatch a toy and then throw it on the floor.  She would do the same for the next toy she would get.  And the next.  So therefore, I had no choice but to pick up every little bit of her tos on the floor every now and then.

6.  Aside from toys, she now also tries to grab other things such as car keys, cellphones, figurines, and electric fans!  Therefore we have to baby proof the rooms.  All delicate and fragile things are now hidden from her.  So imagine our house becoming more bare than before...except for the stuff toys lying around.

7. Sleepless nights again.  As an 8 month old baby, she develops separation anxiety.  Whenever she sleeps, she thought she was left alone.  And when that happens, I get up and cradle her to sleep again.

8.  Being my baby's personal dietitian.  Since she's now eating solid foods, I make sure to provide her the right nutrients (and the right food for her age).  She is now eating lugaw (plain porridge or rice congee), mashed vegetables such as carrot, potato, squash, and sayote (chayote), mashed fruits like banana and mango, and she also munch on the famous biscuit for baby here in the Philippines (Marie biscuit) and the famous baby food Cerelac (all diffrent flavors). But I make sure she still take lots of milk and water.

9.  Being my baby's number 1 playmate.  Well, it's just the two of us in the house for the whole day.  That's why she's always looking forward to play with me.  And I really have to be creative so that our play time would also be a learning experience for her.

10.  My baby's hugs becomes tighter and warmer.  She's now consciously smiles to people who really please her.  Her eyes already clearly show joy, fear, anger, and other moods.  She already knows how to grunt, chuckle, and other sounds she can pronounce ("Mamama" when she wants to be comforted or when she's hungry, "Papapa" when she wants to play, "Abababa" when she becomes impatient). Whenever I witness her every milestone and development, I can't help but to feel proud.  Despite of being tired, sleepy, hungry, and even stinky most of the time, I still love to do mothering duties to my daughter...because whenever I see her happy, then I become happy, too.  It's my new lifestyle--- a proud and happy mama! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Food Safety in the House

My husband is the one who cooks meals while I am the one who wash the dishes.  He practically owns the kitchen, while I practically own the rest of the house (haha!).  Yup, he's the cook...but I'm his trainer.  I was the one who taught him to cook--- adobo, sinigang, and his favorite tinola.  And since he has found a passion for cooking, I just let him do the kitchen thing.  Now, he prepares meals other than what I taught to him (his favorite dish to prepare is Japanese!).  Of course, he searches recipes from the internet.  But the recipe is just the thing he learns.  I believe there's much more to learn about being a chef/cook other than the recipe itself.  One must also be informed about food safety to prevent foodborne illnesses.

I became an employee of a food service company, and I was the one who started to create their manual on Food Safety.  That's why I was very particular in that aspect.  As my husband's "trainer", I always remind him the right way to handle foods so that the meals he would prepare would not just be delicious, but also safe to eat.  He follows my advice...but only for a while.  Probably because he wants his food to be done as fast as he can.  Napapakunot noo nalang ako kapag hindi nya sinusunod yung mga sinasabi ko.  I just tell myself that someday, I'll make him attend cooking classes so that he would learn the importance of food safety rules.

Here is the list of some Do's and Don'ts in handling foods:

1. First rule in cooking: wash your hands!

2. To lessen bacteria in thawing meats, do not soak meat in water.  It's better if you just leave it in a container for few hours at room temperature (but not overnight!) or better yet, place the meat in the refrigerator/chiller overnight.

3. In thawing, place the meat in the lowest part of the refrigerator shelf and away from other foods so that contamination would be avoided.  Remember, raw meats have bacteria in them.

4. Use separate knife and chopping board to chop vegetables and cut meats.  If you only have 1 knife and chopping board, cut first the veggies then the raw meats.

5. Always check the expiration date of the items you buy!

6.  First in, first out rule: use the oldest item first before the ones you recently bought.

7. Avoid placing food on the floor, even though they are in a container or plastic bag.  Dusts and insects could climb on never know.  Place them on the kitchen counter or table.

8.  Store your foods promptly.  For refrigerator storage chart, you can use this link:  For shelf life of leftover foods, open this link:  Wow, I can't wait to print and stick them on our refrigerator!

9.  When purchasing canned and bottled goods, check, not only their expiry date but also their form.  If there are dents, cracks, or other malformations/deformities, do not purchase them.  (Dents can be a sign of chemical reactions in the container which can be harmful to the body).

10.  Keep the kitchen area clean after preparing meals.  This is to avoid insects to crawl all over the place.

For more information on food safety tips, you can visit

Food safety should not just be contained in food service and food manufacturing, but should also be practiced at home.  It's important because our children would eat the foods we personally prepare...and of course, we wouldn't want our children to have foodborne diseases (and we don't want tummy aches on ourselves too!).  The enjoyment of eating is in the hands of the food maker.  I'll make my husband realize that more.

Suddenly, I'm Into Blogging

Suddenly, I'm into blogging.

I admit, I tried to create blogs before. I had 2 accounts with blogger in 2006, wrote an entry in one of them then I forgot about them (and I also forgot the usernames and passwords I used). I just remembered them when I tried to use URL names in this blog site that I usually use in other sites, I was surprised because they were unavailable. I entered the URL name to see who the heck used it, and oh my! It all came back to me...I was the one who created those blogs!

I would like to share with you the URL's of those blogs but one of them has no entry posted in it, so it would be useless if I would share it with you and you wouldn't find anything there.  The other blog site was my anonymous blog site, I used a pseodonym there because the only posted entry I made there was kinda scandalous (if you're someone who knows me but didn't know me well, you might think-- "Vaneni? Scandalous? No way! She's such a good girl!" Well, that's what you thought!  I also have a bitch in me! Haha!).  Message me if you're really that interested to read it. ;-D

I also have a Friendster Blog.  It became my central blog eversince Friendster created it.  All my thoughts and feelings were poured into that blog, from the time I moved on with my first heartbreak until my husband and I got together.  You can visit it at: and enjoy reading.  You might find some wonderful insights there about love and life.  It's my single life blog.

Just before and after my marriage with my hubby, my writings slowed down.  Probably because I'm not too inspired to write because I was so happy in love (my writings before were more dramatic.  My writings were a way to release my deepest darkest feelings of anger and sadness).  But now, since I am becoming more mature in life, I would like my writings to be more than an expression of my blue moods, but also a sharing of joy, triumphs and milestones in life.  I wanted to be more positive. Being positive is good for my mental health.

So, I created a new blog. This blog. But I didn't immediately publish it because I was still thinking of a perfect theme--- would it be about lessons in life?  My dreams and aspirations? Reviews of the books I had read?  Hmm...what topic would inspire me most?  While reflecting, my baby, who was on her walker, strolled towards me and suddenly tapped my legs.  Inspiration suddenly struck me!  I could write about my new life as a mom and wife.  I could share to the world my everyday experiences in handling family life!  Knowing what theme I already like, I became super excited to start this blogging.

My family is my inspiration, my love, and my life.  Because of this family, I learned to be stronger in life and aspire more dreams, not just for myself but also for my husband and my baby.  I dedicate this blog site to them.

Oh wow, look how much I am inspired to write--- I already have 5 entries in a month (including this one)!  And I'm not stopping to count.  I still had so much ideas in my head that I want to write.  I guess, I'm now turning to be a blog addict. Haha!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Sweetest Home

By next week, my family will leave our home here at Batangas, and we'll move in with my husband's family at Alabang, Muntinlupa City.  A move from a quiet fresh town to a fast paced city.  A move from a place overseeing the green mountains of Mt. Makiling to a place near malls and big buildings.  Well, it's nothing new for my husband because he had lived there for 28 years...until we got married.  But then, it will be something new for me because I would be getting along with some new people in my life.  Of course, I had already stayed with my in-laws but only for quite a while, 2 weeks were the longest time I stayed with them.  But living with them for a longer time would be a challenge for me, especially with my erratic moods and sanguine temperament. 

We decided to live with them because I finally got a job at Manila.  My in-law's house is nearer to my new workplace (as well as my husband's office), and they are very open to take care of my baby while I'm at work, since they are already retired and available.
I would miss our home here at Batangas.  Living here with just my husband and my baby always lets me feel more like a family woman.  Parang naglalaro lang kami ng bahay-bahayan (It's like we're just playing house).  Jeff and I are the ones who gets the house organized, the ones who cook meals ( is my husband who prepares the meals! He's an aspiring chef! Hehe.), we are the ones who pays the bills, and we are the ones who takes care of the baby (As a homemaker, I am very hands on in taking care of our daughter Rian).  And since we're far away from both family sides, we feel very independent in making family decisions and actions.  We could also do whatever we want here.  We could get mad, cry or nag each other if we want to.  We could get kinky and tease each other whenever we want to (and wherever inside the house---hehe), without thinking if anyone would hear us or if anyone would just open the door, unwelcomed.  Our rules rule...mostly MY rules...I'm the queen of the house! Harhar!

Privacy is just one thing.  I love this house, it is my family's home.  And there's no other better place like a home sweet home.  But for now, we have no choice but to leave this abode.  But we won't sell it.  It's such a beautiful house with a beautiful scenery.  We'll just find somebody who might like to rent it.  Someday, we'll purchase a new house near our workplace so that we would be able to live again as an independent nuclear family.  It is one of our long-term plans.  And when that someday comes, we would have again a house we could call a home, just like this home we have right now in Batangas.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preparation for the baby: Shopping time!

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do! That's why I was really excited when my hubby and I took our first baby shopping together when I was 7 months pregnant at SM Lipa, Batangas.  It felt like buying Christmas presents for someone very special.  Before that shopping day, I already made a list of what to buy.  I got ideas from magazines (Smart Parenting) and internet sites and forums.  I'll be running thru that list and share it on this blog entry so that you may also have an idea on what to buy when expecting.  I'll include the brand and price (Can you believe I kept the receipt!), as well as pictures.

Baby clothes.  The infant's wear section of the department store was our first stop.  My husband and I didn't have the idea whether to buy the smallest size for our future newborn or just the small size (or the medium size, so that she could still use it after a few months).  We asked the sales lady for suggestions and she said that the safe bet would be the medium sized clothes because babies grow fast.   So we ended up picking medium sized 2 3-pc white tie sides with sleeves, 1 3-pc white shorts, and 1 3-pc white pants.  We didn't purchase much clothes because relatives already pledged to buy some for our baby too (they bought half dozen sleeveless white tie sides which they sewed colorful patches infront).  And we didn't buy overalls/onesies because the weather in our town was too hot, the baby might get annoyed if she would wear it (and I might get annoyed too in changing her clothes and diaper).  We also purchased plain white mittens, booties, and bonnets to keep the baby's hands, feet and head warm.  We also included bibs in our list (and we chose colorful ones!)

Cloth Diapers and Disposable Diapers.  My hubby and I preferred using disposable diapers for our baby so that we wouldn't have to wash every now and then.  We didn't have to buy disposable diapers because one of our relatives already gave packages of them as a gift (the diapers were for new born and they were cotton made).  The brand wasn't written on the pack but it's imported.  After 2 months, we switched to medium sized Huggies Diaper, and after a month, we switched to large size EQ Dry Diaper (it is what my baby use up to now).  However, we still bought a dozen of cloth diapers for emergency use (and it can be also used as bibs and bimpo).  We aslo threw 2 pairs of diaper clamps in our shopping basket.  But we never had the chance to use them.

Receiving Blanket.  This is an essential thing to buy for baby because the nurse would ask for it after the baby's delivery, along with the baby's clothes and diapers.  We bought 2 receving blankets--- 1 white and 1 pink (because we already know that time that the baby is a girl).  We also received other blankets from relatives. 

Feeding bootles.  We already have a set of feeding bottles given by a relative (Thanks, Tito Ed!-- the imported diapers also came from him).  The brand was NUK by Gerber.  But we also bought another set of feeding bottles which includes a cleaning brush.  The brand was Breastflow First Years (worth 999.75 Php).  I suggest you shouldn't buy too many bottles yet especially if you're breastfeeding.  Since I breastfed my baby, we didn't use the bottles much.  But when we started to formula fed my baby, we realized that she dind't like the nipples of the bottles.  So we bought a different kind of bottle nipples she might prefer, and thank goodness, she liked waht we bought for her--- Peristaltic Nipple by Pigeon.  Make sure also that when you buy a nipple, it should b the same size of the bottle neck (there's wide neck and normal, which has narrower neck).  As for me, since the bottle gifts were wide neck, we purchased nipples for wide neck bottles.

Breast Pump.  It's a must, especially if your breast becomes too heavy because of milk, and you're on-the-go mom.  However, I didn't get to use it very often, since I was just home with the baby.  Sometimes I just manually pump with my hands.  I bought Breastflow First Years Manual Breast Pump which costs 1199.75 Php.

Bottle Sanitizer.  We could just boil the bottles, but having an electric bottle sanitizer could be useful especially if we're going to different places.  All we have to do is to put small amount of water inside it, plug it and push the power button.  After a few minutes, sanitizing is done.  The machine would turn off automatically.  My hubby and I chose Precious Moments Sanitizer which costs 1999.75 Php.

Bath items.  For baby's bath, a relative already pledged a second-hand bath tub (which my hubby used when he was a baby!), as well as new baby towels.  We also received a bath net for baby's support while bathing. We also didn't have to buy bath soap and lotion because a relative already gave us some of them (along with the diapers, etc).  My hubby and I bought a pink baby towel with a free pink rubber elephant bath toy (we can't find a free rubber duckie!).  And, oh, we also bought a rubber mat which could be used both in bath and changing diapers.

Baby Crib.  We bought this one last.  We had to withdraw money from ATM because our cash on hand cannot afford it at all.  Then we came back to the department store to find the perfect crib for our baby.  We bought something wooden, varnished, and dark brown colored.  Its bed was made in rattan and its height could be adjusted, so that when the baby would get older, we would just lower the bed (and she wouldn't jump over the railings), with a dropside side could be lowered and raised to ease the process of putting the infant into the bed, and secure her inside the crib, and small wheels for mobility.  I hadn't found the receipt for this furniture, but I believe it's worth around 5,000-6,000 Php.

Crib accessories.  Crib accessories that we bought were a Mickey Mouse cribset (includes 1 comforter, 1 bedsheet, 1 small pillow, and 2 small long hugging pillows) (999.75 Php), pink umbrella-type mosquito net (199.75 Php), and a changing table organizer (which we hung at the end of the crib) (499.75 Php).  Later on, after a month, my hubby bought a mobile toy which he placed on the crib.  It was one of our baby's first toys.

Baby bag.  We didn't forget to buy a baby bag.  A big pink Precious Moments baby bag.  We could have just used any other bag at home to turn into a baby bag, but having a different new bag to be used only for baby's things makes me feel more mommy-ish and more excited to take care of my precious one.

Other items we bought: Rubbing alcohol. Detergent specifically for baby's clothes (Cycles, 398.00 Php). Johnson's Baby Power Skin protectant. Johnson's baby oil lite (which we later switched to Johnson's baby oil lavander to help ease baby at sleep).  A relative already provided us again with imported baby wipes so we didn't buy that during the shopping time.  But later on, we bought baby wipes at Divisoria.

Our shopping spree cost us around 16,000 Php to 17,000 Php.  We still hadn't bought rocker, stroller, and milk....and the baby hadn't come yet!  Yup, it's expensive to have a baby (wait till you see the hospital bills!).  But it's all worth to spend a penny for the baby.  Our love for our babies is priceless.  And someday when she would smile, hug, and kiss back at you, you might be so touched by her affection and all your worries and exhaustion would melt away...and you might be inspired to shop more for your baby! Haha!  Happy shopping!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Mahal mo ba siya? Anong nagustuhan mo sa kanya?"

(A note I made from Facebook)

I've found this entry while I was browsing my friendster blog a while ago. It was originally entitled "Sagot sa Katanungan ni Pio (Part 1 and 2)" and it was intentionally a reply to a question asked to me by Jeff's friend, Pio (who is also ka-FB ko na, so he might read this again. haha!) I am reposting this entry in my FB notes just to remind myself how happy I am to have Jeff in my life (despite of some of our differences--- the Venus and Mars thing) and also to remind everyone that...hey, it's that day of the year to celebrate being in love and to reminisce romantic moments with your special someone (and to never ever lose hope on love coz it really comes around. Believe me, it's true. Happy Hearts' Day FB friends! :)

Sagot sa Katanungan ni Pio (PART 1)
August 15th, 2007 by vaneni thru friendster blog---

"Mahal mo ba cya?"

Oo naman. No hesitations. No doubt. No regrets. Paano mo ba malalaman kung mahal mo ang isang tao? Nararamdaman ba ito o pinagde-desisyunan? Heart over head ba, head over heart, o dapat balance lang? Actually noon, I thought that love is both a feeling and a decision. But when Jeff came along, I realized that love is more than a combined result of emotion and rationalization. Love is a complete celebration of another being’s personhood. It is wholeheartedly bringing out the best in one person. It is being an inspiration for someone to reach his or her dreams. It is God’s instrument to provide hope, joy, and endless faith, not for yourself, but for someone else. It is being happy for another person’s happiness, even though it means you’re not part of it.

Love is not all about "me". But it’s mostly about "him" or "her".

I instantly knew that what I have for Jeff must be love, when I learned that he loved the girl he was courting before pa naging kami. Though I had the urge to make him stop being a martyr to that girl (even though he eventually found out that she was going out with another guy), I still prayed to the Heavens that if that girl was a reason for his happiness, ibigay sana ni Lord sa kanya ang kaligayahan nyang yun. And I meant that prayer. Some stupid girl would just pray na sana cya nalang ang mahalin nya. But I did not hope for that. I always wish for his happiness…even though I know, that time, his happiness would mean losing a good catch :p. So all I could do was to shield myself to fall inlove, to accept him only as a friend. Anyway, he was being a very good friend to me and I didn’t want to ruin that friendship.

It’s still a big mystery to me on how we ended up with each other. Biglaan ang lahat. Nalaman nalang namin na may HD pala kami sa isa’t-isa (haha!). And the rest was history. I guess, Lord just answered my prayer, because whenever I see Jeff now, I see happiness in his eyes.

And I think Lord also gave me a bonus gift for being selfless. He gave me Jeff.

Sagot sa Katanungan ni Pio (PART II)
October 8th, 2007 by vaneni thru friendster blog---

"Anong nagustuhan mo sa kanya?"

15. Him being an engineer. Hey, I’ve always wanted to go out with an engineer eversince I was a kid!

14. Having the same taste in almost everything— we both like country-style houses, going on travels, and eating japanese food.

13. The way he adores #13. He’s the only person I know who likes that number.

12. When he surprises me with chocolates (and flowers!).

11. When he plans an out-of-town trip or a monthsary date for us! (as well as our future together. )

10. For being natural. Yung di na kailangan magpanggap.

9. The way he whispers "I love you" to me.

8. The way he calls me "hun".

7. Him being a Taurus. Hehe.

6. His expression when I begin dancing "jeggae" moves infront of him. Then he turns into a Taurus. Hehe.

5. The way he respects and takes care of me. And for being sooo kind and patient with my moods.

4. The way he holds my hand and never letting it go.

3. His warm hearty embraces.
2. That default smile.

1. Being a mature, sensible, and amazing guy who I didn’t expect to still exist in men population. He proved that not all men are assholes…and I’m glad he isn’t one of them.

I'm thinking of making a part 3...kaso wala nang next question si Pio e...haha! I definitely make a part 3 pero pinag-iisipan ko pa how to put it in words. Siguro ganito nalang:

Part 3:

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for being a good father to Rian...for being her best playmate in the world! I love the way you both smile at each other, the way you try to please her and she cries harder, but suddenly stops when you carry her, the way you think for the best for her especially for her future, the way you both sleep together...etc...etc....

Thank you for being a good husband to me...for being a friend and lover, for being trusting and faithful, for being VEEEERRRRYYYY patient with my dramatic swinging moods, for home cooked meals everyday, for the kisses before you go to work and when coming home, for giving me beautiful gifts, for giving me care and love, for doing all the household works especially if I don't feel well, for being very responsible in everything, etc...etc...etc.... (and for being a mature, sensible, and amazing guy who I didn’t expect to still exist in men population. You proved that not all men are assholes…and I’m glad you're not one of them.)

This Valentines day, I cannot give expensive gifts for you...katawan nalang...haha! Seriously, I want you to know that I really appreciate all your hardworks to provide for this family. You're such a super daddy! I LOVE YOU HUNNYJEFFY! Happy V-day! Mwaaahh!!! :)

Facebook note; Feb 8, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Planner 2010 -- His & Mine

The story behind the Starbucks Planner

It was nearing the end of 2009 when my hubby decided to avail the 2010 Starbucks Planner. I thought he'd never get one because he might not afford to buy 21 expensive coffees, especially wer're into tipid mode. But then, it's just fair to treat himself once in a while, and anyway, I benefited from some of the coffees he purchased (hehe). It was almost the end of the promo period when, at last, my hubby completed the stickers (actually, he told me that the rest of the stickers came from an officemate who gave up his stickers to him). The design of the planner he chose was the one I told him that I liked the most.

After a month, the planner still looks fresh from the coffee shop. Its pages were still clean (I think there's just a note or 2 there). And guess wasn't staying in my hubby's bag or in his office drawer or in his car. It is just laying quietly on our living room table, but away from our 7 month old baby's prying hands.

The story behind the Cosmopolitan Date Book

I was an avid reader of Cosmopolitan Magazine eversince I got my own earnings (got thefreedom to buy whatever I wanted!). In 2005, I got a complete monthly Cosmo (Phils) magazine. The next year, I stopped buying recent issues because I observed that some of the topics were recycled. So when I got intereted in a Cosmo magazine issue, whether it's recent or back issue, that's the time I only purchase. And anyway, the online cosmo site is just as entertaining as the printed one.

It was the last week of January when I learned from the cosmo website that there's a 2010 Cosmopolitan Planner. I got excited and decided to tell my hubby to buy me one (well, I would like to buy it for myself but I'm broke right now because I'm in between jobs). My hubby didn't get excited when I told him about it, and I got the kunot noo reaction. He thought it was just a waste of money.

Hmm...maybe he was right. It's just a waste of money. It was not on our daily budget. And well, I didn't have the right to get what I wanted because I was not the one who's earning money. He's the one who should be treated more than who just wasted time in the house and takes care of our baby (gosh, I can't wait to have a job and spend my own money the way I want it!). Oh , all right, I didn't need a planner in the first place. What would I write in there?!

Honestly, I got really annoyed that time.

But, blessings came. Before the valentines week, I already got lots of gifts from my hubby...and that includes the Cosmo planner! When we head out to the supermarket to buy groceries, he told me to also buy the planner in the magazine shop nearby. And aside from the planner, I also got surprises from him--- 2 dresses from Cinderella and perfume + lotion from Body Shop...and the sweetest thing is, he made all the shopping for me! Wow!

Planners and personality

The planners my hubby and I chose to have this 2010 really matches our personality. My hubby is quiet, reserved, and warmhearted. He is like the simplicity of the planner, but with the aura of elegancy and class of the brand. When he wants something, he would do anything to get it. And when he wants something, believe me, it must be first class and top rated (in other words, expensive. hehe ). And this not just only applies to his shopping personality, but also in his personal life. He doesn't give up easily and welcomes challenges and responsibilities. Yup, he's a very responsible guy.

I'm somehow the opposite of him. Well, I'm still a warmhearted person but I'm the loud one. Talkative, lively, and amusing. I easily get bored if I get disinterested on something. That's why the Cosmo planner is really fit for my personality. It was not just another date book, but it also includes personalized to-do's, freebie coupons, and other interesting features such as quizzes, tips, and other activities. I definitely wouldn't get bored with it!

Well, that's it. His planner and my date book. Him and me. Having them not just makes our 2010 be more organized in scheduling, but they also describes us, the owners. Moreover, they also simply remind us to not just fill it up with notes but also fill up the year with lots of hopes, happiness, and love!

The Baby Inside Me

Hi Baby! This blog entry is made for you by us, your mommy and daddy. It is a blog diary of you, which was made while you’re still in mommy’s womb, preparing for the life outside, and milestones when you're already in this world. We hope that when you grow older (and already knows how to read), you would be able to browse this blog of your baby moments, and be able to appreaciate and inspire your life more as you face the beauty and challenges of life on this world we live in.

We, your mommy and daddy, loves you so much, baby! You are our most precious milestone. We promise to take care of you! Mwaaah!


The first 2 months of my pregnancy had been somehow critical because of slight bleeding / spotting and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). The doctor advised me to take weeks of bed rest, and take medicines until the spotting and infection is gone. This is to ensure your safety and health while you’re still in my womb.

I had several nausea and vomiting but not terrible like other moms-to-be. Foods I crave during those times were fruits.

During the third month, during the check up, Doc Grace (our OB-Gyne doc) let us hear your heartbeat by using a device that is placed on my tummy. It was the first time your father and I heard your heartbeat...and it was magical!

Your father and I got married on January 31, 2009. Just before the wedding, I told you to behave well at the ceremony so that I would not feel bad or faint. You were a very obedient baby!

Here you are, baby, inside your mother's womb! This was taken during your first ultrasound (you were 8 weeks and 4 days that time). Remarks of the doctor said that "within the gestationl sac is a yolk sac and an embryo with good cardiac activity" and that you are "live and singleton". Your fatal heart rate was 162 beats per minute (Wow! You already have a heart!). Your expected date of delivery would be on July 19, 2009. Ultrasound was taken on December 11, 2009 at OB-GYN Ultrasound Center at Festival Mall, Alabang.


During the second semester, I became to know you better as a baby inside my womb. I wonder if you would also be like those when you grow up. Hmmm…..

You were a very active baby inside my womb! During the second trimester, you began to let yourself felt by your energetic kicks. Most of the times, whenever you kick, I felt ticklish inside me. It’s like there was a fish swimming inside my tummy. I could also feel your heartbeat—- its beating coincided with mine. During the next check up, aside from your heartbeat, we also heard your kicks. Ang likot mo daw sabi ni doc. Hehe.

You were also a people-person. Why do I say so? My tummy became extra big and my navel pops out whenever I talk to someone or mingle with other people. Seemed like you also wanted to interact with them. You also wanted attention. When I was doing something else and I was not talking to you for a long time, you suddenly would give forceful punches and kicks. It was like you’re saying, “mommy, pansinin mo ako!!!! “ Haha! But then, you were also behaved and obedient. Whenever your daddy touched my tummy to feel you, your kicks fades away.
You were also a baby who speaks your mind. Whenever you feel hunger, you would become restless. And once we had eaten, your restlessness fades away. You were also a night person because you were more alive at night than at daytime.

You were also a playful baby. Our favorite game is mataya-taya. When my palm of my hand feels your kicks, I’m the “it”. Then I would find you then you would be the “it”. It was a fun game!

I had the second ultrasound around your 6th month to determine your sex. And it turned out that you’re female. A baby girl!!! Your sex was easily known because of your position inside my womb. But we couldn’t see your face because it was covered by your hands an feet (nahiya ba baby ko? Hihi!) . We even saw you yawn inside! What a cutie! But the doctor said your position is just normal. The overall evaluation of the doctor according to the ultrasound was normal, except your abdominal was smaller than expected of your age (sexy ang baby ko!). Because of it, Doc Grace prescribed me iron supplement (I was also anemic). So, I hope, by your next ultrasound, your measurements would be okay.

In the middle of your 6th to 7th month inside my womb (and after taking the vitamins prescribed to me), you became extra healthy. You had more forceful kicks, especially at night. There was a time that I actually cried because you were so malikot, my tummy ached. I was worried about you because I didn’t know if you might be playing around the umbilical cord!

Your daddy enjoyed observing my tummy because he could feel and see you as you swim around in my tummy.

I continued to read you Bible Stories and listen to classical and other music. You took pleasure in those things.

I always wondered how you'd look like when you come out of that shell. Would you look more like me or your daddy? Hmm...whoever. We love you whoever you look like. We would love you more each day for who you are.


And the final 3 months came. I was so excited for your birth day, but nervous at the same time because it would be the first time to give birth. My brother Adrian (your uncle) stayed with us in the house for the final month to accompany me to the hospital in case of emergency (well, in case you planned to get out of there in no time at all!).

During that time, we changed doctor because the new doctor is at the hospital which is near our home (we already live here at Batangas that time, We wouldn't have to travel from here to Alabang frequently).

We took another ultrasound (the final one), just to make sure you were okay there. I told the doctor who took the ultrasound that I was worried that you might entangle yourself with the cord because you're so playful inside. But he told me that the symptom the baby might be in danger if I wold feel much sudden pain in my tummy. I was glad I didn't experience that pain in my pregnancy.

Guess what...I brought Smart Parenting magazines and baby books just to have a background on baby rearing (and to make myself entertained. Gosh, I was so bored stuck in our house!)

During this time that your daddy and I started to buy baby things for you--- wooden classy crib, receiving blankets, tie-side shirts, shorts, pants, mittens, booties, bibs, cloth diapers, disposable diapers, rubber mat, etc...etc... (hmmm...i'll make a separate article for the complete list). Some good persons also gave us baby gifts and we were so thankful. Aside from the things, we also thought of a perfect name for you. Your daddy would like to name you Arianna because it was a simple and beautiful name. He didn't want complicated and cheesy names. Your second name was up to me...and I chose Danielle. Danielle was Drew Barrymore's character in the movie, Ever After, A Cinderella Story. She was a strong and smart woman, unlike the typical Cinderella kind we all know. So your name was decided--- you would be Arianna Danielle (Rian, for short).

The weather's too hot in my whole pregnancy period (or was it just because having you in me made my body temperature hotter). So I always made your daddy buy me something ice drop! Ice drops were my happiness during the second and third trimester...I craved for it! (Siguro sa ice drop kita pinaglihi, baby! ).

JULY 19, 2009

1st week of July-- all baby things were checked & the baby bag was also ready in case I was suddenly brought to the hospital.

July 18, nightime-- it was actually our sleeping time when suddenly I felt fluid flowed out from me like a faucet. I calmly told your daddy to take me to the hospital. So he drove me to St. Frances Cabrini hospital (which was just a minute away from the house) while my brother was left in the house.

July 19, 10:00am-- after hours of labor, I ended up giving birth thru CS. And when I finally saw you (when the nurse presented you to me when I became conscious from the surgery), the first thing that I thought was: you looked like your daddy. The second thing was: you already have hair!. The thrid thing was: Wow, God was so great, he gave me a cute and healthy baby--- you!

Welcome to the world, Baby Arianna Danielle!!!! We wish you overflowing happiness, blessings, and love!

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