Monday, March 1, 2010

Planner 2010 -- His & Mine

The story behind the Starbucks Planner

It was nearing the end of 2009 when my hubby decided to avail the 2010 Starbucks Planner. I thought he'd never get one because he might not afford to buy 21 expensive coffees, especially wer're into tipid mode. But then, it's just fair to treat himself once in a while, and anyway, I benefited from some of the coffees he purchased (hehe). It was almost the end of the promo period when, at last, my hubby completed the stickers (actually, he told me that the rest of the stickers came from an officemate who gave up his stickers to him). The design of the planner he chose was the one I told him that I liked the most.

After a month, the planner still looks fresh from the coffee shop. Its pages were still clean (I think there's just a note or 2 there). And guess wasn't staying in my hubby's bag or in his office drawer or in his car. It is just laying quietly on our living room table, but away from our 7 month old baby's prying hands.

The story behind the Cosmopolitan Date Book

I was an avid reader of Cosmopolitan Magazine eversince I got my own earnings (got thefreedom to buy whatever I wanted!). In 2005, I got a complete monthly Cosmo (Phils) magazine. The next year, I stopped buying recent issues because I observed that some of the topics were recycled. So when I got intereted in a Cosmo magazine issue, whether it's recent or back issue, that's the time I only purchase. And anyway, the online cosmo site is just as entertaining as the printed one.

It was the last week of January when I learned from the cosmo website that there's a 2010 Cosmopolitan Planner. I got excited and decided to tell my hubby to buy me one (well, I would like to buy it for myself but I'm broke right now because I'm in between jobs). My hubby didn't get excited when I told him about it, and I got the kunot noo reaction. He thought it was just a waste of money.

Hmm...maybe he was right. It's just a waste of money. It was not on our daily budget. And well, I didn't have the right to get what I wanted because I was not the one who's earning money. He's the one who should be treated more than who just wasted time in the house and takes care of our baby (gosh, I can't wait to have a job and spend my own money the way I want it!). Oh , all right, I didn't need a planner in the first place. What would I write in there?!

Honestly, I got really annoyed that time.

But, blessings came. Before the valentines week, I already got lots of gifts from my hubby...and that includes the Cosmo planner! When we head out to the supermarket to buy groceries, he told me to also buy the planner in the magazine shop nearby. And aside from the planner, I also got surprises from him--- 2 dresses from Cinderella and perfume + lotion from Body Shop...and the sweetest thing is, he made all the shopping for me! Wow!

Planners and personality

The planners my hubby and I chose to have this 2010 really matches our personality. My hubby is quiet, reserved, and warmhearted. He is like the simplicity of the planner, but with the aura of elegancy and class of the brand. When he wants something, he would do anything to get it. And when he wants something, believe me, it must be first class and top rated (in other words, expensive. hehe ). And this not just only applies to his shopping personality, but also in his personal life. He doesn't give up easily and welcomes challenges and responsibilities. Yup, he's a very responsible guy.

I'm somehow the opposite of him. Well, I'm still a warmhearted person but I'm the loud one. Talkative, lively, and amusing. I easily get bored if I get disinterested on something. That's why the Cosmo planner is really fit for my personality. It was not just another date book, but it also includes personalized to-do's, freebie coupons, and other interesting features such as quizzes, tips, and other activities. I definitely wouldn't get bored with it!

Well, that's it. His planner and my date book. Him and me. Having them not just makes our 2010 be more organized in scheduling, but they also describes us, the owners. Moreover, they also simply remind us to not just fill it up with notes but also fill up the year with lots of hopes, happiness, and love!

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