Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Mahal mo ba siya? Anong nagustuhan mo sa kanya?"

(A note I made from Facebook)

I've found this entry while I was browsing my friendster blog a while ago. It was originally entitled "Sagot sa Katanungan ni Pio (Part 1 and 2)" and it was intentionally a reply to a question asked to me by Jeff's friend, Pio (who is also ka-FB ko na, so he might read this again. haha!) I am reposting this entry in my FB notes just to remind myself how happy I am to have Jeff in my life (despite of some of our differences--- the Venus and Mars thing) and also to remind everyone that...hey, it's that day of the year to celebrate being in love and to reminisce romantic moments with your special someone (and to never ever lose hope on love coz it really comes around. Believe me, it's true. Happy Hearts' Day FB friends! :)

Sagot sa Katanungan ni Pio (PART 1)
August 15th, 2007 by vaneni thru friendster blog---

"Mahal mo ba cya?"

Oo naman. No hesitations. No doubt. No regrets. Paano mo ba malalaman kung mahal mo ang isang tao? Nararamdaman ba ito o pinagde-desisyunan? Heart over head ba, head over heart, o dapat balance lang? Actually noon, I thought that love is both a feeling and a decision. But when Jeff came along, I realized that love is more than a combined result of emotion and rationalization. Love is a complete celebration of another being’s personhood. It is wholeheartedly bringing out the best in one person. It is being an inspiration for someone to reach his or her dreams. It is God’s instrument to provide hope, joy, and endless faith, not for yourself, but for someone else. It is being happy for another person’s happiness, even though it means you’re not part of it.

Love is not all about "me". But it’s mostly about "him" or "her".

I instantly knew that what I have for Jeff must be love, when I learned that he loved the girl he was courting before pa naging kami. Though I had the urge to make him stop being a martyr to that girl (even though he eventually found out that she was going out with another guy), I still prayed to the Heavens that if that girl was a reason for his happiness, ibigay sana ni Lord sa kanya ang kaligayahan nyang yun. And I meant that prayer. Some stupid girl would just pray na sana cya nalang ang mahalin nya. But I did not hope for that. I always wish for his happiness…even though I know, that time, his happiness would mean losing a good catch :p. So all I could do was to shield myself to fall inlove, to accept him only as a friend. Anyway, he was being a very good friend to me and I didn’t want to ruin that friendship.

It’s still a big mystery to me on how we ended up with each other. Biglaan ang lahat. Nalaman nalang namin na may HD pala kami sa isa’t-isa (haha!). And the rest was history. I guess, Lord just answered my prayer, because whenever I see Jeff now, I see happiness in his eyes.

And I think Lord also gave me a bonus gift for being selfless. He gave me Jeff.

Sagot sa Katanungan ni Pio (PART II)
October 8th, 2007 by vaneni thru friendster blog---

"Anong nagustuhan mo sa kanya?"

15. Him being an engineer. Hey, I’ve always wanted to go out with an engineer eversince I was a kid!

14. Having the same taste in almost everything— we both like country-style houses, going on travels, and eating japanese food.

13. The way he adores #13. He’s the only person I know who likes that number.

12. When he surprises me with chocolates (and flowers!).

11. When he plans an out-of-town trip or a monthsary date for us! (as well as our future together. )

10. For being natural. Yung di na kailangan magpanggap.

9. The way he whispers "I love you" to me.

8. The way he calls me "hun".

7. Him being a Taurus. Hehe.

6. His expression when I begin dancing "jeggae" moves infront of him. Then he turns into a Taurus. Hehe.

5. The way he respects and takes care of me. And for being sooo kind and patient with my moods.

4. The way he holds my hand and never letting it go.

3. His warm hearty embraces.
2. That default smile.

1. Being a mature, sensible, and amazing guy who I didn’t expect to still exist in men population. He proved that not all men are assholes…and I’m glad he isn’t one of them.

I'm thinking of making a part 3...kaso wala nang next question si Pio e...haha! I definitely make a part 3 pero pinag-iisipan ko pa how to put it in words. Siguro ganito nalang:

Part 3:

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for being a good father to Rian...for being her best playmate in the world! I love the way you both smile at each other, the way you try to please her and she cries harder, but suddenly stops when you carry her, the way you think for the best for her especially for her future, the way you both sleep together...etc...etc....

Thank you for being a good husband to me...for being a friend and lover, for being trusting and faithful, for being VEEEERRRRYYYY patient with my dramatic swinging moods, for home cooked meals everyday, for the kisses before you go to work and when coming home, for giving me beautiful gifts, for giving me care and love, for doing all the household works especially if I don't feel well, for being very responsible in everything, etc...etc...etc.... (and for being a mature, sensible, and amazing guy who I didn’t expect to still exist in men population. You proved that not all men are assholes…and I’m glad you're not one of them.)

This Valentines day, I cannot give expensive gifts for you...katawan nalang...haha! Seriously, I want you to know that I really appreciate all your hardworks to provide for this family. You're such a super daddy! I LOVE YOU HUNNYJEFFY! Happy V-day! Mwaaahh!!! :)

Facebook note; Feb 8, 2010

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