Monday, March 1, 2010

The Baby Inside Me

Hi Baby! This blog entry is made for you by us, your mommy and daddy. It is a blog diary of you, which was made while you’re still in mommy’s womb, preparing for the life outside, and milestones when you're already in this world. We hope that when you grow older (and already knows how to read), you would be able to browse this blog of your baby moments, and be able to appreaciate and inspire your life more as you face the beauty and challenges of life on this world we live in.

We, your mommy and daddy, loves you so much, baby! You are our most precious milestone. We promise to take care of you! Mwaaah!


The first 2 months of my pregnancy had been somehow critical because of slight bleeding / spotting and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). The doctor advised me to take weeks of bed rest, and take medicines until the spotting and infection is gone. This is to ensure your safety and health while you’re still in my womb.

I had several nausea and vomiting but not terrible like other moms-to-be. Foods I crave during those times were fruits.

During the third month, during the check up, Doc Grace (our OB-Gyne doc) let us hear your heartbeat by using a device that is placed on my tummy. It was the first time your father and I heard your heartbeat...and it was magical!

Your father and I got married on January 31, 2009. Just before the wedding, I told you to behave well at the ceremony so that I would not feel bad or faint. You were a very obedient baby!

Here you are, baby, inside your mother's womb! This was taken during your first ultrasound (you were 8 weeks and 4 days that time). Remarks of the doctor said that "within the gestationl sac is a yolk sac and an embryo with good cardiac activity" and that you are "live and singleton". Your fatal heart rate was 162 beats per minute (Wow! You already have a heart!). Your expected date of delivery would be on July 19, 2009. Ultrasound was taken on December 11, 2009 at OB-GYN Ultrasound Center at Festival Mall, Alabang.


During the second semester, I became to know you better as a baby inside my womb. I wonder if you would also be like those when you grow up. Hmmm…..

You were a very active baby inside my womb! During the second trimester, you began to let yourself felt by your energetic kicks. Most of the times, whenever you kick, I felt ticklish inside me. It’s like there was a fish swimming inside my tummy. I could also feel your heartbeat—- its beating coincided with mine. During the next check up, aside from your heartbeat, we also heard your kicks. Ang likot mo daw sabi ni doc. Hehe.

You were also a people-person. Why do I say so? My tummy became extra big and my navel pops out whenever I talk to someone or mingle with other people. Seemed like you also wanted to interact with them. You also wanted attention. When I was doing something else and I was not talking to you for a long time, you suddenly would give forceful punches and kicks. It was like you’re saying, “mommy, pansinin mo ako!!!! “ Haha! But then, you were also behaved and obedient. Whenever your daddy touched my tummy to feel you, your kicks fades away.
You were also a baby who speaks your mind. Whenever you feel hunger, you would become restless. And once we had eaten, your restlessness fades away. You were also a night person because you were more alive at night than at daytime.

You were also a playful baby. Our favorite game is mataya-taya. When my palm of my hand feels your kicks, I’m the “it”. Then I would find you then you would be the “it”. It was a fun game!

I had the second ultrasound around your 6th month to determine your sex. And it turned out that you’re female. A baby girl!!! Your sex was easily known because of your position inside my womb. But we couldn’t see your face because it was covered by your hands an feet (nahiya ba baby ko? Hihi!) . We even saw you yawn inside! What a cutie! But the doctor said your position is just normal. The overall evaluation of the doctor according to the ultrasound was normal, except your abdominal was smaller than expected of your age (sexy ang baby ko!). Because of it, Doc Grace prescribed me iron supplement (I was also anemic). So, I hope, by your next ultrasound, your measurements would be okay.

In the middle of your 6th to 7th month inside my womb (and after taking the vitamins prescribed to me), you became extra healthy. You had more forceful kicks, especially at night. There was a time that I actually cried because you were so malikot, my tummy ached. I was worried about you because I didn’t know if you might be playing around the umbilical cord!

Your daddy enjoyed observing my tummy because he could feel and see you as you swim around in my tummy.

I continued to read you Bible Stories and listen to classical and other music. You took pleasure in those things.

I always wondered how you'd look like when you come out of that shell. Would you look more like me or your daddy? Hmm...whoever. We love you whoever you look like. We would love you more each day for who you are.


And the final 3 months came. I was so excited for your birth day, but nervous at the same time because it would be the first time to give birth. My brother Adrian (your uncle) stayed with us in the house for the final month to accompany me to the hospital in case of emergency (well, in case you planned to get out of there in no time at all!).

During that time, we changed doctor because the new doctor is at the hospital which is near our home (we already live here at Batangas that time, We wouldn't have to travel from here to Alabang frequently).

We took another ultrasound (the final one), just to make sure you were okay there. I told the doctor who took the ultrasound that I was worried that you might entangle yourself with the cord because you're so playful inside. But he told me that the symptom the baby might be in danger if I wold feel much sudden pain in my tummy. I was glad I didn't experience that pain in my pregnancy.

Guess what...I brought Smart Parenting magazines and baby books just to have a background on baby rearing (and to make myself entertained. Gosh, I was so bored stuck in our house!)

During this time that your daddy and I started to buy baby things for you--- wooden classy crib, receiving blankets, tie-side shirts, shorts, pants, mittens, booties, bibs, cloth diapers, disposable diapers, rubber mat, etc...etc... (hmmm...i'll make a separate article for the complete list). Some good persons also gave us baby gifts and we were so thankful. Aside from the things, we also thought of a perfect name for you. Your daddy would like to name you Arianna because it was a simple and beautiful name. He didn't want complicated and cheesy names. Your second name was up to me...and I chose Danielle. Danielle was Drew Barrymore's character in the movie, Ever After, A Cinderella Story. She was a strong and smart woman, unlike the typical Cinderella kind we all know. So your name was decided--- you would be Arianna Danielle (Rian, for short).

The weather's too hot in my whole pregnancy period (or was it just because having you in me made my body temperature hotter). So I always made your daddy buy me something ice drop! Ice drops were my happiness during the second and third trimester...I craved for it! (Siguro sa ice drop kita pinaglihi, baby! ).

JULY 19, 2009

1st week of July-- all baby things were checked & the baby bag was also ready in case I was suddenly brought to the hospital.

July 18, nightime-- it was actually our sleeping time when suddenly I felt fluid flowed out from me like a faucet. I calmly told your daddy to take me to the hospital. So he drove me to St. Frances Cabrini hospital (which was just a minute away from the house) while my brother was left in the house.

July 19, 10:00am-- after hours of labor, I ended up giving birth thru CS. And when I finally saw you (when the nurse presented you to me when I became conscious from the surgery), the first thing that I thought was: you looked like your daddy. The second thing was: you already have hair!. The thrid thing was: Wow, God was so great, he gave me a cute and healthy baby--- you!

Welcome to the world, Baby Arianna Danielle!!!! We wish you overflowing happiness, blessings, and love!

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