Friday, March 12, 2010

Suddenly, I'm Into Blogging

Suddenly, I'm into blogging.

I admit, I tried to create blogs before. I had 2 accounts with blogger in 2006, wrote an entry in one of them then I forgot about them (and I also forgot the usernames and passwords I used). I just remembered them when I tried to use URL names in this blog site that I usually use in other sites, I was surprised because they were unavailable. I entered the URL name to see who the heck used it, and oh my! It all came back to me...I was the one who created those blogs!

I would like to share with you the URL's of those blogs but one of them has no entry posted in it, so it would be useless if I would share it with you and you wouldn't find anything there.  The other blog site was my anonymous blog site, I used a pseodonym there because the only posted entry I made there was kinda scandalous (if you're someone who knows me but didn't know me well, you might think-- "Vaneni? Scandalous? No way! She's such a good girl!" Well, that's what you thought!  I also have a bitch in me! Haha!).  Message me if you're really that interested to read it. ;-D

I also have a Friendster Blog.  It became my central blog eversince Friendster created it.  All my thoughts and feelings were poured into that blog, from the time I moved on with my first heartbreak until my husband and I got together.  You can visit it at: and enjoy reading.  You might find some wonderful insights there about love and life.  It's my single life blog.

Just before and after my marriage with my hubby, my writings slowed down.  Probably because I'm not too inspired to write because I was so happy in love (my writings before were more dramatic.  My writings were a way to release my deepest darkest feelings of anger and sadness).  But now, since I am becoming more mature in life, I would like my writings to be more than an expression of my blue moods, but also a sharing of joy, triumphs and milestones in life.  I wanted to be more positive. Being positive is good for my mental health.

So, I created a new blog. This blog. But I didn't immediately publish it because I was still thinking of a perfect theme--- would it be about lessons in life?  My dreams and aspirations? Reviews of the books I had read?  Hmm...what topic would inspire me most?  While reflecting, my baby, who was on her walker, strolled towards me and suddenly tapped my legs.  Inspiration suddenly struck me!  I could write about my new life as a mom and wife.  I could share to the world my everyday experiences in handling family life!  Knowing what theme I already like, I became super excited to start this blogging.

My family is my inspiration, my love, and my life.  Because of this family, I learned to be stronger in life and aspire more dreams, not just for myself but also for my husband and my baby.  I dedicate this blog site to them.

Oh wow, look how much I am inspired to write--- I already have 5 entries in a month (including this one)!  And I'm not stopping to count.  I still had so much ideas in my head that I want to write.  I guess, I'm now turning to be a blog addict. Haha!

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