Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Sweetest Home

By next week, my family will leave our home here at Batangas, and we'll move in with my husband's family at Alabang, Muntinlupa City.  A move from a quiet fresh town to a fast paced city.  A move from a place overseeing the green mountains of Mt. Makiling to a place near malls and big buildings.  Well, it's nothing new for my husband because he had lived there for 28 years...until we got married.  But then, it will be something new for me because I would be getting along with some new people in my life.  Of course, I had already stayed with my in-laws but only for quite a while, 2 weeks were the longest time I stayed with them.  But living with them for a longer time would be a challenge for me, especially with my erratic moods and sanguine temperament. 

We decided to live with them because I finally got a job at Manila.  My in-law's house is nearer to my new workplace (as well as my husband's office), and they are very open to take care of my baby while I'm at work, since they are already retired and available.
I would miss our home here at Batangas.  Living here with just my husband and my baby always lets me feel more like a family woman.  Parang naglalaro lang kami ng bahay-bahayan (It's like we're just playing house).  Jeff and I are the ones who gets the house organized, the ones who cook meals ( is my husband who prepares the meals! He's an aspiring chef! Hehe.), we are the ones who pays the bills, and we are the ones who takes care of the baby (As a homemaker, I am very hands on in taking care of our daughter Rian).  And since we're far away from both family sides, we feel very independent in making family decisions and actions.  We could also do whatever we want here.  We could get mad, cry or nag each other if we want to.  We could get kinky and tease each other whenever we want to (and wherever inside the house---hehe), without thinking if anyone would hear us or if anyone would just open the door, unwelcomed.  Our rules rule...mostly MY rules...I'm the queen of the house! Harhar!

Privacy is just one thing.  I love this house, it is my family's home.  And there's no other better place like a home sweet home.  But for now, we have no choice but to leave this abode.  But we won't sell it.  It's such a beautiful house with a beautiful scenery.  We'll just find somebody who might like to rent it.  Someday, we'll purchase a new house near our workplace so that we would be able to live again as an independent nuclear family.  It is one of our long-term plans.  And when that someday comes, we would have again a house we could call a home, just like this home we have right now in Batangas.

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