Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preparation for the baby: Shopping time!

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do! That's why I was really excited when my hubby and I took our first baby shopping together when I was 7 months pregnant at SM Lipa, Batangas.  It felt like buying Christmas presents for someone very special.  Before that shopping day, I already made a list of what to buy.  I got ideas from magazines (Smart Parenting) and internet sites and forums.  I'll be running thru that list and share it on this blog entry so that you may also have an idea on what to buy when expecting.  I'll include the brand and price (Can you believe I kept the receipt!), as well as pictures.

Baby clothes.  The infant's wear section of the department store was our first stop.  My husband and I didn't have the idea whether to buy the smallest size for our future newborn or just the small size (or the medium size, so that she could still use it after a few months).  We asked the sales lady for suggestions and she said that the safe bet would be the medium sized clothes because babies grow fast.   So we ended up picking medium sized 2 3-pc white tie sides with sleeves, 1 3-pc white shorts, and 1 3-pc white pants.  We didn't purchase much clothes because relatives already pledged to buy some for our baby too (they bought half dozen sleeveless white tie sides which they sewed colorful patches infront).  And we didn't buy overalls/onesies because the weather in our town was too hot, the baby might get annoyed if she would wear it (and I might get annoyed too in changing her clothes and diaper).  We also purchased plain white mittens, booties, and bonnets to keep the baby's hands, feet and head warm.  We also included bibs in our list (and we chose colorful ones!)

Cloth Diapers and Disposable Diapers.  My hubby and I preferred using disposable diapers for our baby so that we wouldn't have to wash every now and then.  We didn't have to buy disposable diapers because one of our relatives already gave packages of them as a gift (the diapers were for new born and they were cotton made).  The brand wasn't written on the pack but it's imported.  After 2 months, we switched to medium sized Huggies Diaper, and after a month, we switched to large size EQ Dry Diaper (it is what my baby use up to now).  However, we still bought a dozen of cloth diapers for emergency use (and it can be also used as bibs and bimpo).  We aslo threw 2 pairs of diaper clamps in our shopping basket.  But we never had the chance to use them.

Receiving Blanket.  This is an essential thing to buy for baby because the nurse would ask for it after the baby's delivery, along with the baby's clothes and diapers.  We bought 2 receving blankets--- 1 white and 1 pink (because we already know that time that the baby is a girl).  We also received other blankets from relatives. 

Feeding bootles.  We already have a set of feeding bottles given by a relative (Thanks, Tito Ed!-- the imported diapers also came from him).  The brand was NUK by Gerber.  But we also bought another set of feeding bottles which includes a cleaning brush.  The brand was Breastflow First Years (worth 999.75 Php).  I suggest you shouldn't buy too many bottles yet especially if you're breastfeeding.  Since I breastfed my baby, we didn't use the bottles much.  But when we started to formula fed my baby, we realized that she dind't like the nipples of the bottles.  So we bought a different kind of bottle nipples she might prefer, and thank goodness, she liked waht we bought for her--- Peristaltic Nipple by Pigeon.  Make sure also that when you buy a nipple, it should b the same size of the bottle neck (there's wide neck and normal, which has narrower neck).  As for me, since the bottle gifts were wide neck, we purchased nipples for wide neck bottles.

Breast Pump.  It's a must, especially if your breast becomes too heavy because of milk, and you're on-the-go mom.  However, I didn't get to use it very often, since I was just home with the baby.  Sometimes I just manually pump with my hands.  I bought Breastflow First Years Manual Breast Pump which costs 1199.75 Php.

Bottle Sanitizer.  We could just boil the bottles, but having an electric bottle sanitizer could be useful especially if we're going to different places.  All we have to do is to put small amount of water inside it, plug it and push the power button.  After a few minutes, sanitizing is done.  The machine would turn off automatically.  My hubby and I chose Precious Moments Sanitizer which costs 1999.75 Php.

Bath items.  For baby's bath, a relative already pledged a second-hand bath tub (which my hubby used when he was a baby!), as well as new baby towels.  We also received a bath net for baby's support while bathing. We also didn't have to buy bath soap and lotion because a relative already gave us some of them (along with the diapers, etc).  My hubby and I bought a pink baby towel with a free pink rubber elephant bath toy (we can't find a free rubber duckie!).  And, oh, we also bought a rubber mat which could be used both in bath and changing diapers.

Baby Crib.  We bought this one last.  We had to withdraw money from ATM because our cash on hand cannot afford it at all.  Then we came back to the department store to find the perfect crib for our baby.  We bought something wooden, varnished, and dark brown colored.  Its bed was made in rattan and its height could be adjusted, so that when the baby would get older, we would just lower the bed (and she wouldn't jump over the railings), with a dropside side could be lowered and raised to ease the process of putting the infant into the bed, and secure her inside the crib, and small wheels for mobility.  I hadn't found the receipt for this furniture, but I believe it's worth around 5,000-6,000 Php.

Crib accessories.  Crib accessories that we bought were a Mickey Mouse cribset (includes 1 comforter, 1 bedsheet, 1 small pillow, and 2 small long hugging pillows) (999.75 Php), pink umbrella-type mosquito net (199.75 Php), and a changing table organizer (which we hung at the end of the crib) (499.75 Php).  Later on, after a month, my hubby bought a mobile toy which he placed on the crib.  It was one of our baby's first toys.

Baby bag.  We didn't forget to buy a baby bag.  A big pink Precious Moments baby bag.  We could have just used any other bag at home to turn into a baby bag, but having a different new bag to be used only for baby's things makes me feel more mommy-ish and more excited to take care of my precious one.

Other items we bought: Rubbing alcohol. Detergent specifically for baby's clothes (Cycles, 398.00 Php). Johnson's Baby Power Skin protectant. Johnson's baby oil lite (which we later switched to Johnson's baby oil lavander to help ease baby at sleep).  A relative already provided us again with imported baby wipes so we didn't buy that during the shopping time.  But later on, we bought baby wipes at Divisoria.

Our shopping spree cost us around 16,000 Php to 17,000 Php.  We still hadn't bought rocker, stroller, and milk....and the baby hadn't come yet!  Yup, it's expensive to have a baby (wait till you see the hospital bills!).  But it's all worth to spend a penny for the baby.  Our love for our babies is priceless.  And someday when she would smile, hug, and kiss back at you, you might be so touched by her affection and all your worries and exhaustion would melt away...and you might be inspired to shop more for your baby! Haha!  Happy shopping!

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