Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reminiscing the Past: Family Trip at the Zoo

The last time I went to Manila Zoo was way back when I was 7 or 8 years old, during our grade school field trip.  That's why during the long weekend last week, I suggested my husband to visit Manila Zoo, and bring along our daughter.  I was quite surprised to know that my husband had never been in Manila Zoo!  Because of our need to get out and de-stress (and our baby was also wanting to get out of the house too!),  we went there last Sunday, August 29, 2010.  It became a wonderful family trip.

My husband and I would have wanted to go to Avilon Zoo instead, because reviews say it is much better than Manila Zoo.  But since it was far from our place and it is more expensive than Manila Zoo (medyo tipid kami ngayon e), we decided to visit Manila Zoo instead.  Well, Manila Zoo isn't really bad at all.  I admit, It is not a good place to educationally tour around because the animals were quite old (and there's no more Giraffe).  But if you want a cheaper place wherein you can just bond and spend time with your loved ones, it is a very good place because you can take your family out for a picnic there and ride a boat for a cheap price.  There is also a playground for kids, complete with slides and swings.  It is a good place for them to mingle with other kids.  For me, Manila Zoo is not a zoo with a park, but a park with a zoo. Hehe :D

At the background: Boat ride in Manila Zoo

It was a Sunday, and my husband and I were shocked to know that despite of the bad reviews, Manila Zoo was jampacked!  Ang daming tao pa rin pala pumupunta dun!  We paid for only P80.00 for entrance fee (P40.00 per head, and my 1 year old baby had it for free!).  Our first stop was the birds (which my baby was not very interested in.  She was more interested to watch the people around her.  I guess she was amazed on so many people she saw).  Then we also got to see the monkeys (ok, in this stop, our daughter finally showed interest in the animals.  She made a loud babble when she saw the monkey which bounced in his cage).  We also saw a horse, a zebra...and their crossbred baby, the famous Hebra!

Can you spot the Hebra?

We also visited the boring crocodiles and alligators (they were not moving at all!  Oh, I was so bored just looking at them!).  We also went in the Reptile House.  Then outside at the other end of the Reptile House, we got to see the elephant!  And our daughter was so amazed, she began mumbling and babbling while looking at the elephant-- she was actually talking to the big long nosed guy!  Haha!

Rian just made friends with the Elephant!

We also saw ostrich, tigers, carabaos, cows.... Anyway, when we passed by a toy store kiosk, Rian pointed at a toy monkey.  Since she was a good girl and I was in a good mood, I bought her the toy monkey she picked and put it around her neck.  During the rest of our tour, she mumbled and babbled at the monkey, and pointing her finger around (like what i had been doing to her the whole time, pointing to animals to show them to her).  She was actually touring her new toy monkey around the zoo!  And all the while she had been kissing and hugging the stuff toy.  She never took it away from her neck.  She loved it so much.  I was glad I bought it for her. It would serve as a remembrance for her first visit in Manila Zoo.  :)

"This is my pet monkey.  Don't you dare to take it away from me!"

 Our last stop was a carinderia, wherein my husband ordered Pancit Canton for the two of us.  I fed Rian with her favorite biscuit and milk.  Then we drove home.  Rian slept in the car peacefully.  We were all tired from the trip...just imagine how long we walked and how hot was the heat.  We got home tired, but we were happy.  Aside from being de-stressed, we were happy because we got to spend the day with our family.

Quality time is an important ingredient in having a happy family. :)

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