Friday, October 8, 2010

Learning Legacy from the Last Lecture

My sister-in-law lent me the Last Lecture book by Randy Pausch.  At first I thought it was a fictional novel but when I started to read it, I realized it's more like a diary or authobiography.  It is a book about the author's childhood dreams, personal experiences, struggles from his illness, and learnings  in life.  I feel that he wrote that book to leave a legacy in this world--- to prove that dreams really do come true.

As I read the first pages of the book, I couldn't help but to weep silently because I could feel the mood of the story (the author had a pancreatic cancer and only had few months to live.  So I just imagine how sad he was, as well as the people close to him, especially his wife).  But the author made his story a positive one--- that even though  his time was up, he still decided to make the last days of his life happy.

He had dreams in life which he surprisingly attained (Hey, he even dreamed of going to space--- and he had experienced it!).  I also have dreams in life.  I may not be child anymore but I still continue to dream. 

How about you?  Do you have your own dreams in life?

If you don't have The Last Lecture book yet, I suggest you watch its video below during your freetime and be enlightened and inspired.  You can also visit its website at

Have a nice day!

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