Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reminiscing the Past: Experiencing Indoor Pool at Los Banos, Laguna

Thi blog is about my summer get-away with my hunny last May 2010.

Los Banos, Laguna is most famous in hot springs resorts in the Philippines (and I'm very proud of it because I grew up in this town!).  It is also famous for its Buko Pies, Espasols, and Cow's milk (yummy!).  And of course, the well-known legend of Maria Makiling took place in here (in the deep forests of Mount Makiling).

My husband and I neither celebrated Mothers Day on May 10 nor his 30th birthday on May 13 because we just decided to have a weekend summer overnight at a hot spring resort in Los Banos, Laguna on May 15 to 16.  We chose to stay at City of Springs Resort because we wanted to experience its indoor pool (as in there's a pool inside your very own room!) and it's beside Laguna Lake.  We reserved a room a week before, and we were very thankful because there were still rooms available, considering the fact that it's a peak month for summer destinations such as resorts and beaches.  The room we got was worth almost Php 1900 per night (couple room, airconditioned, and with waist-deep indoor pool ).

Experiencing the indoor pool!

After checking in the resort hotel, we visited our daughter Rian at my parent's home, where she was staying for 3 weeks.  My parent's home was just 5 minutes away from the resort.  Then we bought snacks, vodka, and even an FHM Magazine copy at the grocery.  Before dinner time, we tried the indoor pool...and the water in it was hot!  Well, what can you expect from a hot springs resort, huh?  Even the shower was hot too (no need to put a heater, indeed!).  But it was so relaxing, especially when I let my back touch the flowing water which fills the swimming's like I'm having a water massage! Haha!  But I couldn't stay too long in the water because its heat made me thirsty.  My husband and I took out Barbeque Chicken Joy at Jollibee.  And after dinner, we dived again in the pool and started to drink our vodkas.

Hmm...I don't have to continue the story after our vodka drinking, do I? ;-)

I suddenly loved my Mudshake vodka!!!!!

The next day, we had breakfast in the hotel, facing the outdoor swimming pool.  Yummy tapsilog.  Then I dived again into the indoor pool (hey, it looked like we totally ignored the outside swimming pool!).  This time my hubby didn't join me so I enjoyed my one last swim in it alone.  Then around lunchtime, we checked out of the hotel, went to my parent's house to give Rian hugs and kisses, and went back to Alabang.

We realy did have a stress-free weekend!

@ City of Springs Resort at Los Banos, Laguna

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