Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shops We Love

My husband and I love these shops!  Well, not too much, but there are times when we go to the mall, we find ourselves window-shopping (and at times, to our surprise, we end up purchasing) in these shops.

When we search for a perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for family and friends, we usually visit the Clipper shop.  It has variety goodies such as office, school, and home supplies which are useful and attractive.  Most are the things we don't usually buy because they are not necessities but they are perfect to give as presents.  It also has a touch of modern Japanese theme...and I love the shops's background music because it was Japanese inspired (like the music used for anime's).  Sometimes, I just go in here to window shop because just looking at their colorful novelties makes me happy. :)

North Face - this is one of my husband's favorite shops.  Actually the picture on the right is the bag he purchased on the shop.  Aside from the bag, his shoes and jacket are all from North Face.  He likes shopping on this shop because of the quality of the items (his North Face bag, jacket and shoes are all waterproof!).  Aside from North Face, he also likes to shop at Columbia, but because of a bad service in one of their branches, he became disappointed and decided tnot to buy there again (well, it's just the pants he won't buy, he said. Hehe).

This is my personal favorite shop in a mall.  It's because I love books! Aside from it, I like its service--- you can read their books in the shop.  There are seats in there wherein you can browse the pages of the books you wanted to buy...or better yet, read the whole book!  There are also areas for kids where they can read children's books.  There are also branches where there is a coffee shop inside and a music store.  Whenever I visit Powerbooks, the ones I always grab to read are Pugad Baboy comics and Beerkada comics because aside being easy to read (which would just take only  about 20 to 30 minutes of my time), reading those comics really amuses me (sometimes I just find myself smiling and laughing softly when reading those comics...some customers just look at me with quizzing eyes. Haha!).

INFANTICIPATION - Infanticipation is a baby shop that can be seen in some malls in Metro Manila, including Festival Mall at Alabang.  My husband and I are not really fans of this shop but we just observed that most of the baby things we buy came from this shop such as bottle nipples, baby gym toy, teether, and stroller.  It is one of the stores in Alabang that we usually visit when we window shop for baby things.

This is the restaurant we both love...because we love Japanese food! Whenever my husband and I crave for sushi, this resto is the top of our mind choice (even though we don't have the cash, we would just swipe the bill with the card just to satisfy our Japanese dish cravings).

There you have it...the shops my hubby and I love to visit, even though we don't usually have the money to buy (ehehe).  Haay...gusto ko tuloy mag-shopping galore!

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