Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy May Weekends

Summer in the Philippines starts at around the month of March and April.  But for me, my summer just started this May, 2010 (even though it felt like the whole year is going to be summer because of the heat.  It's sooo hot here in our country!)...walang pahingang weekends ito!!!!!

May 1 - Labor Day. I was supposed to have the vaccination against Cervical cancer, but since I had allergies to certain anti-biotic, I was advised not to take it.  So to make the most of the day, my family and I went to Nuvali Park at Sta. Rosa City.  I had posted an article on this.  To read more about it, just click here: I can't take the least for now.

May 8 - PNB HR's Summer Outing @ Baguio City. I wasn't all excited about the trip because I had been in Baguio for so many times.  But then, since it was an office outing + teambuilding, I finally decided to go, but I had to go home after the dinner of May 8 because my family and I would travel to Laguna for Monday's national elections. The whole day of May 8 had been tiring but fun.  I was asleep during the entire ride back to Manila (I took Victory Liner bus, at around 2:00 am of May 9).  Below were some pictures of our summer outing:

Balance! balance!

After dinner (with the PNB Human Resource Group)

A scary thing actually happened to us on the way to Baguio.  Click here for the story: Scary Photo (On the Way to Baguio)

May 9 - The bus from Baguio City finally got to Manila at around 7:00 am.  My hunny was already at the bus terminal, waiting for me.  When we got back at Alabang, I gave my baby Rian a big hug then slept for a while.  Around lunchtime, I packed baby's things (and also mine) because we're going to Laguna (Rian would take a 3-week vacation there with my parents and siblings because my father-in-law would take a gallbladder operation, therefore, our relatives here in Alabang would be busy taking care of him for a while).  I would also sleep overnight at Laguna because of the national elections on May 10.  However, my husband would return to Alabang that day because he was registered in his hometown (and he was a poll watcher.  Raket nya kasi may Php 500 sweldo per meeting cya dun!).

May 10 - It's a National Holiday because it's our country's Presidential Elections.  Time to vote for the one we think could run and manage our country best.  We spent the whole day outside our precint because the line had no system at all and the poll watchers were so pasaway (means they go against the rules).  When the police came over to organize the voters, the flow of voting became fast (at last!).

The line outside the voting precint (before)

The line outside the voting precint (almost 8 hours after)

After the voting session, we finally went home.  And it was the time I left my baby, Rian with her grandparents (on my side) fo a 3-week vacation.  My heart ached when I walked away, while Rian was watching me with quizzing eyes.  It was the first time we wouldn't be together for a long time.

May 15-16 - It was also a mother's day last May 10, and it was my husband's birthday last May 13.  But we never did celebrate them because my husband and I planned to have an overnight summer getaway at City of Springs resort at Laguna.  We just visited baby Rian on the morning of May 15 at my parent's house, but my husband and I took off to the resort by lunchtime to check in.  We rented the room with an indoor pool (which later we realized that the water was hot because Laguna is well known to have hot springs resorts).  I would write more detailed story on this next time. :) The next day, we said bye-bye to Rian and left for Alabang to my husband's parent's house where we are currently staying.

May 22 - My husband took a leave on a weekday before this weekend, but he just stayed in the house for the whole day.  That's why he wanted to go spend the day in a mall (specifically Trinoma).  It was also a very hot day, and going to the mall to cool off was one of the greatest idea we could think...and the cheapest one, basta hindi kami magsshopping, hehe.

May 29 - My husband and I traveled back to Laguna on the night of May 28 (Friday) to take baby Rian with us (her vacation is already over).  Then we went to the hospital in Alabang for Rian's check up and vaccination (PCV, Pneumococcal vaccine).  Baby Rian cried a lot and aloud when the shot was given to her!  And she had slight fever the next days due to the shot (and sobrang mukha siyang matamlay), I had to absent from work on Monday to take care of her.

Well, that's the summary of our family's activities during the month of May, 2010.  Summer's ending and we're giving way to the rainy season.  Goodbye hot sunny days! :)

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