Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scary Photo (on the way to Baguio City)

Baguio City, Philippines is well-known to be a city full of ghost stories (and streets full of ghosts, actually).   And this one's probably a proof.  FYI, I didn't edited this photo.  I would like to share this with you so...see for yourself:

Our office department had an outing / teambuilding at Baguio City just this month (May 2010).  This was taken during our midnight trip to Baguio City. Unfortunately, our car broke down at the foot of the mountain. When I took a snapshot picture of one of my officemates, this image was shown-- with a thread-like light behind him. There were no cars around and it was very dark at that time. When we zoomed the digital camera, we found out that there's "someone" in that light. Do you see it? Scary, huh?

Well, Baguio City is not all scary.  It's actually a fun place!  Click here for my other blog story about Baguio City: Reminiscing the Past: Baguio Escapade 

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