Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby's got fever and colds!

My baby Rian never got fever and colds during her first 10 months of life...until now!  Well, actually I am really expecting that sooner or later, she would be sick because she can't be sick-free all her life, could she?  But I wasn't expecting that she would have it now, in the middle of my busy working days (the time I couldn't take another absent for the meantime because I feel like I had taken quite a number of leaves before which were unpaid...because my employment isn't regularized yet, hehe).

She had taken a vaccine last weekend, which the doctor warned us that she would feel feverish for the next couple of days. My daughter became weak (as in matamlay) the day after her vaccination, and she started to eat less (as in  walang ganang kumain). I did not go to work last Monday to personally take care of her.  Good thing she became stronger again the next day.  I thought she was all okay...until my mother-in-law texted me last Friday, telling me that Rian was having a fever with a temperature of 38 C!  I went home as soon as possible after work.

Yup, Rian was all hot and in distress when I saw her.  She was also having colds and cough.  My husband and I couldn't sleep well for the next days because Rian kept waking us up with her cries.  She obviously didn't feel good.  That's why we decided to bring her to the doctor that weekend.

We waited from the opening of the clinic until our turn to see the doctor, which was beyond lunchtime already.  There were so many patients before us, and the doctor was even late for about 3 hours!  Anyway, the doctor (which is not her official doctor, by the way.  We just consulted an available Pediatrician that time in Healthway, Alabang) gave Rian medicines for her colds (but not anti-biotics).  He told us that Rian has flu (trangkaso), and he also advised us to just give her a sponge bath, and make sure she gets lots of water and juices (that's a bit problem for us because Rian wouldn't like to eat and drink anything except milk, which she couldn't even finish).

My mother-in-law brought Rian again to the clinic, to consult Rian with her official doctor, because she her health was still not improving.  The doctor gave Rian another medicine for her cough (her medicine box suddenly became full!).  I was a bit sad to know that Rian lost 1 kg weight (we're aiming for 10 kilos on her first birthday! Now she's back to 7 kg...).  Anyway, Rian's health quite improved because she was smiling and dancing when I saw her this afternoon when I came home from work.  As of now, she is sleeping peacefully beside her daddy (who is also asleep already, also tired and exhausted).  I am hoping that Rian would sleep better tonight, and praying that she would get well as soon as possible.

I love you my baby Rian.  Mommy and daddy will always take care of you. MWAAAHHH!!!!

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