Sunday, August 8, 2010

MomMgt for August 2010

I'm currently working on a take home assignment about the Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop held last few months in our company.  I am now making a summary of notes which was discussed by the speaker during the workshop.  I recalled the blog article I made here about Problem Solving.  Suddenly I realized I could make it as my first meme topic in Mommy Management.

Please read through my past blog entry entitled: On Problem Solving.  However, here is the summary of the procedures on Problem Solving and Decision Making as stated in the article:

1. State the Problem
2. State your Goal
3. Know the root cause of the problem
4. Think of possible solutions or options
5. Know your MUSTs criteria
6. Know your WANTs criteria
7.  Rate your options
8. Delegate tasks and make a commitment
9.  Follow up
10. Celebrate!

Reflection Question:
What is the specific problem that you had solved lately?  How did you handle it?
What is the specific problem that you are currently solving or planning to solve lately?  How would you handle it?

Happy Meme Blogging!

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