Monday, August 16, 2010

Reminiscing the Past: Subic Galore!

December of 2007.  Jeff and I, along with some of his officemates, decided to take a Holiday out of town trip at Subic.  Subic Bay in Olongapo City is one of the famous tourist spots in the Philippines bceause it is developed to be an Eco-tourism place wherein you can experience different kinds of activities such as jungle activities, water sports, night life, and visiting historical and natural sites. As for us, since we only had two-days and one-night stay, just visited the Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure.  But we also had fun in the beach because we stayed in a bay-side hotel.
My hunny, me, and the beach of subic!

Our first stop after we unloaded our bags in the hotel was the Zoobic Safari.  It's actually a big zoo but the experience was more natural because at times, there were animals which was just lurking around!  Well, they were the friendly ones.  But there was a part in the tour wherein we had to ride in a bus because we would go inside a big secured place wherein tigers were freely doing their own thing!  Some of them were salivating especially when we threw them dressed chicken.  Some of them even jumped on the bus!  We also got to feed crocodiles.  I didn't like the feeling of feeding them because at first, they were so still, they looked like statues.  But when the moment you get showed them the dressed chicken (again!), they would suddenly jump to bite the it.  It startled me a lot.  But anyway, I really enjoyed the zoo tour.  It was like a tour in the African Safari.

Inside the bus cage...while the tigers are freely lurking around outside!

That night, after the kids of my husband's officemate had gone to sleep, we started to drink and relax.  I didn't drink much.  I wanted to dive in the beach waters...but since it was dark, of course, I was frightened to do so.  After drinking, Jeff and I walked on the shores, with hands clasped together, breathing the sea air, hearing each others heartbeat.  It was a warm starry night and I was very happy to be with the one I love.  I had dreamed of that scenario walk on the shores with my loved one beside me.  We didn't talk much because the silence said it all.

The next day, we went to Ocean Adventure to see the dolphin exhibition.  Well, we first watched the sea lion's show, then in the middle of the day (and the sun was too high), it as a good thing we visited the fish museum (it was cool there because of the aircon! Hehe).  We were delighted with the fishes we saw in there.  Then in the afternoon, it was time for the dolphin exhibition.  Though the crowd was thick, we still managed to get good seats wherein we could see the show better.  The show was amazing!

And so we was it like being the fish!

After the Ocean Adventure, we prepared to go home.  The tours were really enjoying and sooo sulit.  I promise myself I would tour my daughter Rian there when she turns 2 or 3 years old.  I'm sure she will love each moment of her experience there!
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