Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mommy Moments entry: Fave Rian Photos

mommy moments

theme: favorite photo of your kid

This was taken when my daughter Rian was 11 months old.  I love this photo because when I told her to smile to the cellphone camera, I was surprised to see that she actually smiled! (she didn't grab my cellphone or just stare at it like she did before)  Now that she understands that she should smile infront of the camera, I can't wait for her to pose infront of it naman!  Haha! :)
My husband loves this pic.  He had this photo on his Facebook profile for the longest time. Our daughter was around 5 months old back then and she showed so much excitement when we introduced the walker to her.  Yup, she really wanted to be mobile back then...and now, she strives hard to be mobile by walking with support. I imagine how mobile she would be when she starts walking by herself!

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