Friday, August 27, 2010

CC entry: When Simple Sorry is Not Enough

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I was late in submitting this CC entry, because I wasn't in the mood to write about "saying sorry"  these past few days because my husband and I just got into an argument...and I didn't feel saying sorry at him (and I guess, never did he).  Despite of it, I still promised Liz to write an entry because I wanted to share with you my observation on how my husband and I say sorry to one another...and when simple sorry is not enough.

When my husband and I were still sweethearts few years ago, we just got into 1 heated argument.  We had differences but we tried to understand them.  He did something that made me really really angry (and he got mad at me too because for him, it was not something to fuss about).  But at the end of the day, we kissed and made up.  I don't remember if we said sorry to one another, but what's important is that we compromised.

Now that we're married, we argue more.  There were times he said "sorry" at me but my heart was still broken.  Between us, he's the one who forgives and forgets quickly.  So when I say "sorry" at him, he accepts it fast (but then, I don't usually say "sorry" especially if I'm pissed off and hurt).  During the last argument we had just a few days ago, no one said "sorry" to each other until now.  But we're in good terms already.  I guess, what works for our relationship is that even though "sorry" is a hard word for us, as long as we would have a quiet time or space to cool down our heads (yung tipong saglit hanggang isang araw kayong hindi mag-uusap), then after that, para na kaming mga bata na parang walang nangyari pagkatapos mag-away. Sometimes we treat each other and even make lambing just to show that we're already cooled down. Then we compromise.

P.S.  Saying sorry through actions or by cooling down our heads just works for my husband, not for other people.  I would still want other people who would hurt me or who had hurt me in whatever way that they are sorry.  When others say sorry at me, I can forgive quickly.  That's what works for my other relationships with people (friendship, relative, officemate, etc.).

To Jeff, sorry if I made you mad at times because of my selfishness and immaturity and kaartehan and pagiging reklamador.  I love you for being very patient at me.  Maybe we're just both stressed and tired from work, we often forget to communicate and understand.  Anyway, I won't promise I would change (because that's very hard to do in just a snap), but I'm always trying to be the best wife that you wanted.  I love you very much hunny! Mwah!

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