Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Faves #2: Favorite video / computer / online game

Hello blogger friends! Welcome to the Friday Faves!  I am posting this earlier because I still have work on Fridays so this Thursday night will be the great time to start this so that you could all work on it tomorrow.  For this Friday, the topic for this meme is all about your FAVORITE VIDEO / COMPUTER / ONLINE GAME/s.  It could be as simple as Solitaire or Hearts, or as complicated as Grand Fantasia or Ragnarok, or even a game application on Facebook will do.  You can even post a snapshot of your favorite game.  Just don't forget to post the Friday Fave badge along with your article and enter your post on the linky tool below.  Happy meme blogging! :)
I have two favorite computer games:  The Sims and Restaurant City in Facebook
I was addicted to The Sims since I learned about it few years ago-- from The Sims to The Sims 2 to The Sims 3.  I like most the latest which is The Sims 3 because I got few freebies when my husband bought it for me last year (we actually ordered it in advance to get the limited edition mug, t-shirt, and flash disk that looks like The Sims icon-- the green diamond thing that hovers above the Sim you're playing).  I like the Sims because I get to design my dream house and control my life in it.  It was such a world outside reality.  I don't  have a snapshot of my Sims now because I stopped playing it for a while. Mahirap na ma-adik ulit...baka hindi ko na maasikaso si baby and trabaho ko! Hehe.

This is a wallpaper from The Sims3 which my husband and I posted on his laptop during the days when The Sims 3 game was still really fresh and new.  Click the here to visit their site (
But then, I still de-stress over the other game that I like-- Restaurant City from Facebook.  I NEVER played Farmville...I have an existing farm there but I didn't play it at all.  Maybe because I never wanted to be a farmer. Haha!  I wanted to be the shop owner and manager!  My husband and I diligently play this game, and we even befriend other facebook people we don't personally know just to get and trade ingredients that we need.  It was a slow game before.  As in mahirap kumita ng pera. But now, it has many features that could make more money and get ingredients fast and easier.  When I was still a housewife, I could play this everyday, and even play my husband's restaurant (and even my brothers').  But now that I'm already working, I could just sometimes open it.  However, it's still the Facebook game I love to play.

This my restaurant (named "Vhanz Delight") in Restaurant City.  My theme is more like Hawaian or summer.  I chose to make a theme with bamboos and seashore because whenever I get to visualize it, I get more relaxed.  My husband's theme, however, is Japanese.  He always wanted to run a Japanese restaurant! Haha!

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