Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Faves #3: Favorite music / song

Tomorrow is another fun-filled Friday Faves time!  That's why I'm starting it on a Thursday night, to prepare for tomorrow.  Our hot topic for this Friday is all about YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC / SONG.  You can type the song's lyrics on your blog and better yet, you can upload its MTV!  Everyone will get the chance to know the songs and even watch the video (that would be sooo cool!).  Happy Friday Faves Music Trip everyone! :)


I like lots of music from different genres, and my favorites depends on my moods.  For example, if I'm angry, I'd like to listen to Linkin Park music.  If I wanted to cool down and relax, I'd listen to Brownman Revival music (reggae!).  If I feel energetic, dance music is the one for me, such as music of Lady Gaga and Pussycat Dolls.  But the music I like to share with you is the one that I want to hear when I feel sexy and inlove...and it's the kind of music I like to dance infront of my hubby! (haha!).  Well, it's both our favorite music.  Maroon 5 music.  I'm sharing to you one of Maroon 5 songs that I like best, guess what it is!

"Change the weather still together when it ends...."
 (Sunday Morning, Maroon 5)

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