Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mommy Moments: My baby's first books

mommy moments

I missed this meme last Friday, but anyway, I would still post something about it.  The topic's all about books.  Personally, I adored books since I was in grade school (and even younger!).  That's why I would also like my 1 year old toddler to be also fond of books.  Here's her first ever book:

I bought this when she was 5 months old.  It was not actually a story book with words, but a book with different textures inside.  I bought this so that my baby would be familiarized with different textures.  Back then she was fascinated with its textures and sounds.  Now that she had grown older, she fascinates herself with it by opening the little peek-a-boo's in each pages.  She realizes there are pictures inside the textured peek-a-boo doors, leaves, and clouds.

I observed that she was more excited now to flip pages of my mommy magazines and books.  She didn't anymore tear paper pages, but instead, she looks at pictures and words (and even try to just turn pages one by one).  That's why I introduced to her a hardbound bible book.  However, it was not a new book (it's my husband's bible book when he was little).  I make the book reading more exciting for her because I read the stories in it while she flips the pages.  Sometimes, she would babble, making comments out of the story.  We usually make the story telling before she goes to sleep.

I guess, she would love books like I do.  Curiously flipping must be the first sign of loving books! Hehe.  I don't want her to become a nerdy bookworm but I want her to appreciate books because it would increase her vocabulary and widen her creativity and imagination.
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