Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CC: When we want something..

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Between the two of us, I am the one who want more "sumthing-sumthing" than him.  Maybe because I am the vocal one when it comes to my needs and wants.  When I want something, I just say, "hun, gusto ko nun oh, ang ganda e. Bili mo ko nun ha?"  Then he would just say "meow!" (the "meow" expression for us means, "nyek!").  Of course, pa-cute ko yun sasabihin and it seemed like I'm not serious into having it (well...half-heartedly).  Him, being the budget-minded person, would just say "walang budget e".  Then I get over with my obsession over the things I wanted.  Alam ko naman kasi na kapag may extra money ang husband ko, he would just surprise me with the things I like, along with other things I didn't even mentioned to him but I ended up liking them.  But if there's no hope of him buying those things for me, I end up buying them for myself, then he would feel torn between the two--- relief of the pressure of spending or bothered because he couldn't provide me of my needs and wants. Hehe.  However when it comes to favors or errands like buying medicine for me or even just turning the lights off because I'm too lazy to get out of the bed, he has no second thoughts of disobeying me.

As for my husband, he rarely tells me what he wants.  Actually, I am the one who offers him to buy something he wanted.  Pride really is dominant on males, especially a family guy.  Being needy probably is not on their list of attitudes because it's a big punch on their egos.  My husband really makes tiis if he cannot get what he wanted, and he didn't want the idea that his wife would buy him something...even a meal a fastfood!  That's why whenever I give him something, he would tell me, "anu ka ba, hindi mo na dapat yan binili para sa akin."  I know he means that my money could have spent in other important things, but I admit, sometimes, I feel hurt when he turns down my little surprises for him.  But take note: when it comes to bed, he's the needy one.  He would do anything just to get me in the mood to make love with him (not that I don't want to, but sometimes he wants on the night when I'm so damn tired from work).  I won't get into probably know what I mean...hey, I think every husband is just as needy as him when it comes to bed. Haha!
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