Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CC: Our Likes and Dislikes

Rodliz’s Nest

1. I like my History subject, especially World History.  My hubby doesn't like History...for him, past is past.
2.  I like walking (as long as I'm not hurrying up for something).  He prefers driving than walking. (I don't see myself driving!)
3.  I prefer WORDS (that's why I love writing and blogging).  He prefers NUMBERS (well, he's an engineer).
4.  He doesn't want me being maarte.  I don't want him being matigas ang ulo!
5.  He doesn't mind if his clothes weren't ironed.  I mind!!!!
6.  I love Chicken McDo than Jollibee Chickenjoy.  But he likes Chickenjoy more than Chicken McDo because Jollibee has spicy chicken.  But then, we both love KFC Chicken. Hehe.
7. He doesn't want to drink gin.  But I prefer gin.  So we ended up drinking Vodka nalang (the Bar sa kanya, Mudshake sa akin).
8.  He does not understand why I'm into magazines and books.  I don't understand why he's into online computer games.
9.  I like color pink, he likes color green.  So when we bought baby's things, we ended up buying blue and yellow items para walang away. Haha! :D
10.  He's rather do something in his day offs than sleep-- like cooking, grocery, doing household chores, etc.  While I'd rather sleep in my day offs rather work around...I need my beauty rest.

Even though my husband and I have some things uncommon, we accept them, and we still love each othe the way we are. :)

Hmm...this should also be a great entry for CC:We're Total Opposite. :)

However, we both love:

1. Japanese food
2. Out of town travels
3. Maroon 5 music!
4. Friendly and warm people
5. watching movies together
6. anime (Reborn!)
7. building our dreams together. :)
8. being mature with our marriage
9. making love with each other :p
10. our precious daughter Rian!
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