Friday, August 20, 2010

Observing my baby's developments

My 1 year old daughter, Rian, is currently having a 2-week vacation at my parent's house in Laguna.  We had to leave her there for a while  because I was so busy with my work assignments.  Last weekend, we visited her and found out that she's already standing alone in a longer period of time, with matching clapping of hands.  It was a happy milestone.  Aside from that, I observed that she had developed intellectually and emotionally.  When she tried to crawl away from the kutson or bed (which was placed on the floor so that Rian could play around on it), I shielded her with my legs.  She gave a loud impatient yell but she didn't wail.  Instead, she turned around and played with me.  When she sensed that I was already distracted, she would again try to crawl out of the bed.  Then I would put my feet and legs across her again so that she could not go through.  When the time I slightly lifted my legs (because she distracted me again with her games), she crawled fast under it, making way to get out of the bed.  She succeeded!  I was so facinated with the incident because it showed how smart she was!  She didn't even cry hard...instead, gumawa siya ng paraan.

My husband and I took her out for the Sunday Mass at St. Therese of Child Jesus at UP Los Banos.  Before the mass started, we went to the Carabao Park and let Rian walk around (with my support by holding her hands).  When she saw other people looking at her, she deliberately walked away, knowing they were strangers.  During the mass at the chapel, she and her 6 year old cousin (Ate Alyssa) played following-the-leader, wherein wherever Alyssa went, she followed her.  There was a time when Rian was distracted with another toddler who could already walk alone,  but when Alyssa called out her name, she instantly turned around and followed her again.  She was an obedient baby and she knew who she should go with!  All of us (including Alyssa's parents) were so delighted! Rian also knew how to kulbit her Daddy just to give her a snack (she loved Iced Gems...remember those little round cookies with icing on top?).

Yesterday, I called my Mother to know how was my daughter doing.  She excitedly told me that Rian finally made her first few steps (exactly 3 steps, that is).  I was so happy that Rian finally reached her first step milestone.  But I was also quite sad because I wasn't there to witness it.  Well, that's the downside of being a career never get to see most of your child's firsts.  Anyway, every first step has its next one...and lots of another one.  So the next time I see her (which will be this's time to go home with  mommy and daddy, Rian!), I promise to capture her independent steps...and hoping to share that with you in this blogsite.

My loves @ Carabao Park,
University the Philippines Los Banos

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