Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Blog Launching: A Food Blog for Toddlers

I'm launching my new blog site here at Blogger, entitled: Food for the Tots.  Though I know how to cook, I'm not really into that hobby.  But since my toddler, who is now one year old, already starts to eat adult food, and I observe that she's beginning to get weary of eating plain lugaw with mashed veggies (well, who wouldn't get tired of it if you eat the same menu in every meal, everyday!), I decided to take some action to interest my daughter in eating more food.  It's time for yummy, varied, but still healthy meals.  That's why I begin to be a "cooking" mom who researches and experiments all new meals for my little one.  She has to gain at least 2 more pounds this month!

And of course, I would like my cookings to be recorded and making a blog about it is a smart move.  By this, I could also even share something for all the mommies out there.

Visit my new cooking site at:  Happy reading! and may your little ones enjoy the recipes as much as my toddler do! :)  

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