Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wishing for a perdurable day

These past few days weren't so much favorable for me.  Having sore eyes for two weeks means absence from work and being away from family (so that they wouldn't be able to catch sore eyes from me).  It was hard and painful (physically and emotionally).  First, I left a big project in the office which needed coordination and preparation, and I don't think that  would finish it on time, since the doctor is not yet giving me a medical clearance.  This would mean that I would surely convince my superior to move the project next month.  And there are other tasks that I should be doing during my two week absence.  Gosh, I feel like I'll gonna get low grade in my performance appraisal--- and it was not even my fault!

Aside from career, I also got no time for my family.  Because of my sickness, I had to stay away from my husband and daughter for a while until I get better.  Therefore I packed up my bag and lived with my parents in the province for two weeks.  Though my husband sometimes visit me, I didn't get to see my daughter for two weeks and I miss her so much.  I guess, she misses me too.

And because of my sickness, there'sno fun for me.  I couldn't get out of the house, not just because sore eyes is infectious, but also because the sunlight hurt my much!

Therefore, I am alone in this room, checking out Facebook and looking for something exciting in the net, like looking for an online job. Hehe.

Now I'm wishing for a normal day for me--- a perdurable a day, helps you sleep, work and play.

Good day everyone!

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