Saturday, February 11, 2012

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I just had our 3rd wedding anniversary last January.  But our celebration this year was different because we are not together--- he is in a business trip right now outside of the country.  Because of this, I was not really expecting anything from him but a simple greeting...until a delivery man entered our office, looked for me and gave me a box.  At first, I thought the box was office supplies, but when my officemates started teasing me (they knew it was our anniversary!), I came to realize that the package was probably from my husband.  And when I opened it, I was surprised.  Too surprised that I blushed.

Inside the box was a dozen of pink half-bloomed and long stemmed roses--- my favorite flower.  Actually, it was more than my favorite flower; it actually became an important symbol for me before when I was still single-- that whoever would give me pink half-bloomed and long stemmed roses would be the right one for me (and my husband, who was then my boyfriend and did not know about the sign before, gave me the exact flowers during one of our bf/gf monthsary).  Now, he brought me another dozen again (but this time, he already knows about the sign. Harhar!).  And I was touched.  And surprised.  And felt really loved.

I love you hunny...and I miss you so much!  Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

My 3rd year wedding anniversary roses.  Only 11 roses were in the photo because I left 1 rose in my office desk.

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