Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pack Up Tips for Travel

I had this idea to blog tips on packing up clothes for travel when I was helping my husband pack up his things for his business travel in United States.  Since he will stay there for 6 months, we had to fit his clothes in a big luggage bag altogether.  I, being somehow an OC on packing up things for travel (since it is a nature of my current job), fixed his things in a way that it will be easier for him to carry, open and search (in case the immigration officer would check his things), and unpack.

It was a challenge for me to pack his formal polos because it shouldn't be crumpled inside the bag.  My husband could have iron it anyway once he gets to U.S.  but he's not "iron" man (means he is too lazy to iron his clothes).  But then, I thought of a way so that his long sleeves polos wouldn't be too crumpled once unpacked.  That's what I would like to share to you, too.

To pack a polo inside a luggage bag:

1. Neatly lay the polo on a clean flat surface.
2. Button up the polo.
3. Turn the polo upside down and lay it on the clean flat surface neatly.
4. Fold one side of the polo, sleeves stretched (see photo below):

5. Fold the sleeve neatly until aligned to the edge of the side of the polo, as shown in the photo below:

6. Fold the other sleeve until aligned to the edge of the side of the polo.  Observe the encircled edges of the photo so you would know the alignments.

7. Fold the polo starting from the bottom side of it then upwards until the collar.  Do not press the polo hard while folding to prevent fold lines.  It must look like these:

8. Place the formal polo in a clean plastic bag (resealable bag may do).  You may place all the polos either altogether in the plastic bag or separately.

9.  Put the sealed polos in the luggage bag.  You may want to place it vertically in the luggage bag to avoid it from being pushed heavily by other clothes which can cause fold lines on the polo.  If you want to place it horizontally, make sure that it is on the top of other things in the luggage.

10.  Lastly, casual clothes and other not-so-fragile clothes may be rolled and placed in the luggage vertically so that it is easy to see and unpack.  Placing the clothes vertically will save space and will not make the luggage appear bulky.

I hope this tip will help you solve your packing up dilemna.  I also hope that when my husband will already return home, he maybe able to remember these steps so that he would not get stressed over when packing up his things.  Maybe I'll just send him this blog link to remind him of this useful tip. :D

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