Friday, April 23, 2010

The Loyal Baby

My husband Jeff, my baby Rian and I attended my niece's 7th birthday party.  It was held at a resort in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines.  We traveled all the way from Alabang to Laguna just to attend that very special day (hey! It's my time to make bawi to my niece...i had not attended her birthday last year!). The party theme was princess theme, since Alyssa (that's my niece's name) really likes princesses, especially Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Snow White, etc.  I knew even before that she likes Disney princesses.  That's why the gift I gave her was a kikay bag with pictures of Disney princesses on it, and I filled it with school supplies (and they have Disney princess characters on them too!).

The party was at 3:00 pm, but we came a bit late because we waited for Rian to wake up from her afternoon nap.  When we arrived at the party, sakto, the hosts (2 clowns...looks llike Boyoyong clowns) started to lead the Happy Birthday song for Alyssa.  There were not so many kids present, but it felt like there were a bunch of them because they were very participative and energetic in the party games.  Anyway, during the first game, (the Bring Me game), one of the clown's request is to bring to him the youngest guest in the party.  I looked around first to see if there was another baby, but to find out baby Rian is the only baby in the room!  So I unstrapped Rian from her stroller and carried her and then we went to the front of the crowd to claim our prize (which is a bottle of bubblemaker!).  Rian's reaction?  Her face is like asking, "hey, what's going on here?!". Haha!

The birthday girl, Alyssa, and my baby Rian

Enjoying the party!!!!!!

After several party games, it was time for the food eating part.  Rian ate several Marie Biscuits and drank her milk.  I also gave her bits of watermelon, which was served at the buffet table.  What I loved most at the buffet table is the chocolate fountain and the pineapple juice fountain (how I wish I took a picture of them!).  After the hearty meal, the clowns once again started party games, which this time, the players would be the adults.  And, well, I was one of them.  Hehe. The instruction of the game is, we have to pick an animal and we have to sing Happy Birthday song using the animal's sound.  Good thing I picked BIRD...all I did was make tweet-tweet sound in tune of the Happy Birthday song, and my final note is a whistle.  After everyone had sang their versions, the clowns instructed the audience to applaud for their vote-- who had the best Happy Brithday tune.  When they audience clapped for me, I also clapped for myself, and I realized I got the loudest applaud from the audience (especially from the kids! Haha!).  When I came back to my seat after the game, my brothers and my husband told me that baby Rian also clapped for me too.  And it was a long loud clap. And...dig this everyone...SHE ONLY CLAPPED FOR ME!!!!!  I can't help but to feel so loved by my daughter...and I'm so proud of her.  What a lovely loyal baby I've got!!!!!

A hearty clap just for me!

After the party, we went home to my parent's house, with some yummy leftovers from the party, prizes from the games, a thank you souvenir from Alyssa just for Rian, and a happy memory that I would treasure forever.  I love my baby more and more each day! :)

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