Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reminiscing the past: Enchanting in the Kingdom

The last time I was in Enchanted Kingdom was in 2007 when my hubby (who was my back-then boyfriend) took me for a date there (you can read my blog about it at Reminiscing the Past: Enchanting Trip).  This year, it was a nice thing for me to once again experience the thrill and excitement of the carnival...and this time, I was with my own family.

The company where my brother works had its family outing last summer at Enchanted Kingdom.  Since he and his family couldn't make it because his daughter had a ballet recital on the day of the outing, he decided to give his complimentary tickets to my parents and brothers.  Of course, my parents wanted to take my daughter Rian with them so we let her join the pack, with my hubby Jeff and me tagging along.  It's good that  my daughter was free to enter because she was 1 year old back then, so I just bought 2 tickets for Jeff and me.

The trip had been a very tiring one for me and Jeff because of the heat, crowd, and super  likot Rian.  Jeff really looked like he was not having fun, and hey, neither do I!  But despite of it, I just thought that we were there not actually to enjoy, but to accompany Rian. I felt satisfied and happy just to see her surprise on her face when she saw the Space Shuttle ride go somersault and when we rode the rides in the Boulderville.  And hey, it was also my parents' first time to enter the carnival so I was also happy for them and I wanted them to enjoy.

My husband and I got to also ride Space Shuttle, Rialto, and Flying Fiesta.  We also got to play in the game booths.  I won a crab stuff toy at a booth where I got to shoot a ball into a milk can!  Hmm...did I say I didn't enjoy the trip?  I take that back.  I did!  

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