Friday, November 11, 2011

Shoe Shopping

Sharing to you the official rubber shoes of the family, which I bought for our birthdays this year. :)

I thought of giving my daughter Rian her first rubber shoes for her 2nd birthday.  Though the thought and the money came from me, it was my husband Jeff who wanted her new rubber shoes to have straps instead of strings.  He also wanted the shoes to have blinking lights!  It didn't matter to me if he choose the shoes for our daughter.  I actually liked it that way.  We picked a Dora the Explorer shoes for her which fitted her feet and her personality, as well.

I promised my husband to buy him new shoes when my bonus arrives.  And I didn't have to find him a perfect pair because he already had something in his mind--- a boa laced North Face shoes.  It was my very late birthday present for him.  Hehe.

Of course, I should also treat myself.  Shopping for a pair of my own rubber shoes was actually more of a need that time because I would be needing it for our office activity (all my rubber shoes were already so worn out and old already).  I was planning on a cheap rubber shoes, since I am not a sporty type of person.  But my husband said that if I were to buy something that I wanted to last long, I should buy those which are good in quality (which means more expensive too!).  Among us, I was the one who shopped for a long time (it took me days to find a perfect pair of shoe!).  Finally I saw a Sketchers shoe and finally bought it.

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