Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Food Recipe for my Toddler

While I was writing this, I was also doing a research for food recipes for my 1 year old daughter.  She probably is bored with her daily menu (plain lugaw + veggies) because she lately couldn't finish a bowl.  That's why I decided to research, plan and introduce new recipes that she may like.  After my research, I thought of simple recipes that could be easily prepared even by the maids (and even edible for adults!)

Cheesy scrambled eggs
A hearty breakfast recipe

scrambled eggs + cheddar cheese + veggies (gonna start to introduce ampalaya and tomatoes to her!), bits of sausage or ham + butter (instead of cooking oil).

Fruity Mashy Snack
Delicious and yummy

mashed fruits (can be avocado, banana, or apple) + my baby's formula milk (not condensed or evaporated milk) + cereal (Cerelac-- wheat and milk or chicken and veggies or any flavor...but I think the wheat and milk flavor is the best because adults like the taste of it...I know because I tried to eat it too...haha!) + small amount of honey (not sugar).

Tinola / Sinigang / Nilagang Baka
A taste of adult food
Soup of Tinola / Sinigang / Nilagang baka + rice + bits of chicken / pork / beef + mashed veggies (malunggay, zayote, potato, papaya, etc.)

Munggo Galore
Healthy meal again

the usual munggo recipe + rice.  I haven't tried this yet but I hope my daughter would love eating it.

Pasta Perfect
A taste of  Italian food

Pizza - my daughter loves pizzas!
the usual Spaghetti / Carbonara recipe
the usual Mac and Cheese recipe

The next step I would do is to plan weekly meals.  And I pray that my daughter would have a healthy appetite because she still needs 2 kg to reach her supposed-to-be-normal weight at 1 year old, which is 10 kilos.

Happy eating baby Rian!

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